The Sun for the Rising Signs

For Aries the Sun holds powerful creative urges.

For Taurus, he holds challenges for depth of self-identity and inner happiness.

For Gemini, he extends a challenge of willpower

For Cancer, he makes the family the center of identity

For Leo he is the self.

For Virgo he extends a challenge for humility and selflessness

For Libra he holds challenges not losing oneself in the social environment

For Scorpio he holds challenges with bosses and public authorities

For Sagittarius he roots the identity in morality

For Capricorn he challenges a positive self-image, and reveals the shadows

For Aquarius he challenges a healthy inter-dependant lovelife

For Pisces he holds power to examine and conquer the self

The logic? The Sun is always connected to identity, and is the source of power and focus in life. The Sun owns Leo. For each rising sign, Leo constitutes a different house. For Aries, Leo is the 5th house, for Taurus the 4th, Gemini the 3rd, etc. I have crafted the above descriptions by blending the inherent nature of the sun with the house he owns for the given rising sign.

– Vic DiCara