The 12 Rising Signs

Here are a few general abstract traits of various rising signs creates as a result of which planets become exalted or debilitated in the sign. This doesn’t work with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius, because these four signs do not cause any planet to be exalted or debilitated.

Aries exalts the Sun and debilitates Saturn: therefore one expects Aries to have boldness and fire and moral orientations, but to need more patience and realism.
Taurus exalts the Moon and debilitates no planet. Therefore Taurus is creative and beautiful.
Cancer exalts Jupiter and debilitates Mars… so one expects Cancer to be quite ample and abundant, yet need bravery and motivation.
Virgo exalts Mercury and debilitates Venus… so one expects Virgo rising to be organizational, intellectual and mercantile, but need more sensuality  and creativity.
Libra exalts Saturn and debilitates the Sun. So one expects Libra to identify greatly with the blue collar workers and be socially oriented, yet needs more understanding of the value of authority structures.
Scorpio debilitates the Moon and exalts no planet. So Scorpio is both blessed and cursed by emotional sensitivity.
Capricorn exalts Mars and debilitates Jupiter. So one expects Capricorn rising to be able to control passion and put it to good use, but needs to be more optimistic and generous.
Pisces exalts Venus and debilitates Mercury. One therefore expects Pisces rising to have deep sensual perceptions, but have difficulty making sense of and expressing the very same.

PS…I pick out these specific traits of the planets involved in consideration of the natural house for that sign. For example, Aries debilitates Saturn and Libra exalts Saturn. In reference to Aries Saturn’s trait of patience and realism comes out, because Aries is the 1st sign / 1st House of the Zodiac. So there is emphasis on the SELF, therefore Saturn’s debilitation pertains to being patient with others. In LIbra’s case, Saturn concerns realism as well, but not patience as much as identification with the common man, the proletariat – because Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac – the house of relationships.

– Vic DiCara