Happy LUNAR New Year!


Today the Moon will be “new” (totally dark) amid the stars of the constellation Pisces. Pisces is the final sign among the 12 zodiac signs, so when the Moon is full here it signals the end of one year and the beginning of the next.

Of course our rather useless (in my opinion) “practical” modern calendar doesn’t work like this anymore – but still that is the way nature works, and the way natural cultures and people have counted their years since ancient centuries.

New Moons happen once per month – in fact, that is the definition of a “month” – every time the Sun and Moon align in the same place in the sky. This month, at the end of the lunar year, they align in Pisces. There are some interesting planets involved with them, which set the karmic tone of the upcoming lunar year in an interesting way.

This is a year for the rebellious to rise up. The artists of the world will make their expressions known. Communications will become tense when we limit ourselves to words, but will flow beautifully when we allow music and images to express our ideas and feelings.

This is a year for the true, ungoverned, uninstitutionalized spirituality within human beings to take a huge step forward towards a fuller manifestation.

I say all this because there are two other planets in Pisces with the Sun and New Moon: Venus, who is exalted, and Mercury who is debilitated. They receive the aspect of Saturn – planet of deep spiritual truths. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, the house of water and spirituality. The New Moon occurs in the 9th harmonic (navamsha) of Cancer, bringing in the 4th house of water. Water is the element of self realization.

Now, go forth and make this happen gloriously!

– Vic DiCara