True Humility = True Omniscence

I have a new colleague named Veno. She recently said to me, “Humility has nothing to do of course with one’s outer bravado or modesty… it is just one’s attitude to divine.” This was in the course of her saying that humility was the first and foremost thing required by a truly qualified astrologer.
I agreed so thoroughly I felt like making a post about it.
There are two things that I feel are extremely important in what she said to me:
  1. Those who are not humble can not even clearly see the past or present, what to speak of the future!
  2. “Humility” is not a matter of how much bravado and charisma vs. how much modesty and meekness you display in your mannerisms and habits. True humility, the humility which grants knowledge and foreknowledge is about your inner receptivity to the divine.

Humility generates receptivity. Humility to the divinity permeating us creates receptivity, and it is that receptivity which allows us to absorb and understand super-human knowledge and powers of divination.

Therefore astrologers without true humility are useless, regardless how many books they may have authored or not authored, how many Sanskrit rules the have or have not memorized, how many aspect patters and yogas they are aware of, etc. etc. etc.

Krishna himself explains this fact, that true knowledge can never come without humility. In the “Vedic” text, Bhagavad Gita, Krishna said:

अमानित्वं …एतज्जञानं

This is from the group of verses 8 through 12 of the 13th chapter of the Gita. He explains 20 qualities which result in true knowledge. Each quality depends upon the quality before it, so that the first quality is the foundation of all others. The first quality leading to true knowledge is अमानित्वं amaanitvamhumility!

All of use who practice astrology, and all of us who aspire to, must always remember that our personal spiritual practices towards increasing our receptivity to the divine by increasing our inner humility are the foremost important things to developing “mastery” over the art and science of Astrology.

– Vic DiCara