How to Cope with Tragedy – How to Deal With Karma


All karma is “good” because it is all a part of natures plan to bring about the evolution of our consciousness from smaller and more restricted forms to larger and more embracing forms. The ultimate aim of this evolution is so that you can fully remember your constitutional self and completely reinstate yourself in the bliss of that all-receptive and all-embracing nature.

What then is “bad” karma?

When I say that “all karma is good” I am describing karma on an absolute platform. In other words, in the ultimate picture, all karma is good. But when I describe a distinction between good karma and bad karma I am describing the relative platform of life. The temporary or restricted picture of things, some of our karma is “good” and some of it is “bad.”

What makes karma “good” or “bad”?

It is “relative.” Relative to what? Relative to what you want. As a sort of silly example: If what you really deeply want in life is more quiet time to read books, then karma which bestows you 10 new job contracts is going to subjectively feel like bad karma, right? Because it get’s in the way of what you want. But because this is the relative level of existence we are talking about, if you change your perspective and realize that the extra money you can get by spending this time working on those 10 contracts can buy you a new library (or something along those lines), then all the sudden what appeared to you to be “bad” karma starts to show a “silver lining” and you see that it can in fact be really “good” karma.

You could appreciate that a person whose main goal at the time was to establish financial security for his new family would subjectively feel that the same 10 job contracts would be tremendously good karma, right?

You can see that there is a fluidity between most good and bad karma. It is somewhat transformable by changing ones perspective.

But sometimes there are just outright bad things that happen, regardless of perceptive. Death of a loved one, or even worse things, for example. These thoroughly bad karmas require the very most from us in terms of our ability to activate the personal evolution of our consciousness. Bad karmas on this scale will drown us and swamp us entirely if we to not transcend them, by pushing and motivating our own thoughts and consciousness to leave their roots in the relative pain of happiness and sorrow and seek out their origins in the higher absolute plane.

The very attempt to do so, no, even the very desire to attempt to do so, will immediately start to transform the pain of bad karma into a feeling of peace and serenity that comes on the absolute platform of acceptance.

We can spur our subjective experience to leap from the relative planet to the absolute plane by contemplating the fact that all the very difficult events in our life are tailor made for us (as painful and terrible as they may be) as a result of lessons we need to learn to become more blissful in life. It takes vast bravery to face the one’s past and present tragedies and see them not as cruel injustices or terrifying black holes. Fearless sincerity will help us to understand how nature wants our consciousness to evolve as a result of these experiences. In so doing, we also come to realize the wrong path to take, the wrong reaction to hold on to – the reaction which causes the pain and suffering associated with these tragedies to persist and stay within us like barbed arrows.

Realizing the wrong path is often sufficient to see the right path as a result.

When we come to understand the new shape our thoughts show evolve into as a result of a painful experience, we feel a huge absolutely peaceful wave of relief wash over us. It is then that we appreciate the truth in the statement that “all karma is good.”

– Vic DiCara



  1. Mike says:

    Vic, although I see what you are attempting to achieve. Karma is neither godd nor bad. It just is


    1. vicdicara says:

      I beg to differ. Karma is an extremely fundamental principle running the entire purpose of the creation. Please see this video if you are interested in more details on this:


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