Complaints of a Fellow Astrologer


Permit me to vent and express my frustrations regarding astrologers. I have about half a dozen colleagues who I personally consider to be excellent human beings and excellent astrologers. I know there must be many more out there I have not yet been fortunate to meet. But why do I meet so many who disturb me???

I want to describe what disturbs me in the bulk of people calling themselves “astrologers” whom I meet directly or indirectly. Hopefully by doing so we will, as a group, be able to more often avoid these traits. And also by writing this I hope it will inspire me more as an individual to continue trying my best to avoid these traits.

Know It All “Gurus”

One group of astrologers are the know-it-alls. They desperately want to be SEEN and KNOWN as knowing everything there is to know about astrology and being the best and most accurate. You are, for whatever reason, not qualified to say anything meaningful to these people, and they would never admit that anything you say has any significant value or merit. Because they need to be the only person in the world who knows all the answers. They have no idea that the greatest guru learns from the newest student.

A certain class of fools is drawn to these people. The type of fool who thinks that a person who feels they have so little to learn is somehow educated and accomplished.

This might really be the main bulk of Vedic Astrologers, unfortunately.

Self Anointed Intuitive “Oracles”

The next group are the nut-cases. They don’t know anything and just fancy themselves some type of oracle. They talk and talk and talk and talk, and never care to ask if anything they are saying makes any sense. These people also, like the first group, don’t listen to a word you say. But not because they think they are better than you – just because they have no interest whatsoever. They think that it is all about intuition – but they have no idea that there is a huge gulf of difference between true intuition and wild guesses.

Again, a certain group of fools love to follow these nut-cases. They are the ones who want to be dazzled by fantasies of gypsies in multicolored silks with crystal balls in hand.

Genuine Humble Astrologers

There are very, very few astrologers who actually know a good deal of the scientific rules of astrology, and also have the humility to listen and learn constantly. It is actually this ability to listen and learn constantly which is the humility that generates the receptivity to the divine – which in turn gives true “crystal-ball” -like intuition and foreknowledge.

There are very few people who are attracted to these astrologers, however. Because the universe will only send those whose karma qualifies them for such a blessing – and such individuals are few and far between in the current age we live in.

– Vic DiCara



  1. aspicco says:

    I’m genuine, but not always humble…


    1. vicdicara says:

      hahaha, i LIKE you!


  2. maisiemum says:

    I’ve met a lot of astrologers, and even married one, and also a lot who shouldn’t use the term. It’s unfortunate that anybody can call themselves an astrologer without any qualifications or study at all. The general public doesn’t know the difference, and that’s what gives astrology a bad name.
    I met a bunch of really nice people at UAC, a few weirdos (but then I like them with my loaded 8th house), but several were the types you’ve so accurately described! Those types were all trying to outdo and impress one another with obscure eccentricites, how sad, because someone of quality wouldn’t care about that. They would care about making astrology accessible to the public, and helping educate and elevate the profession.


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