Some Predictions Based on Saturn & Jupiter

When Saturn and Jupiter influence one another you  get potential for very great persons to be born. Persons who lead society forward in new directions and who have heightened spiritual interests and talents.
For example a lot of really cool stuff happened the in 1969-1971 when this happened. Cool events, movements, and very interesting, often spiritually inclined kids were born. So let’s take a look at the relative transits of Jupiter and Saturn and see what strikes us in the way of making predictions.
c. 2000 – 2001 they were conjunct in Aries & Taurus. This was certainly a fascinating time. This kids will be adults around 2020. That will be an important milestone  for society

c 1991 they were opposite one another, Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn. Thus Jupiter was exalted and Saturn was strong. There were a lot of very very powerful underground movements going on at this time with the energence of Rap and Hardcore punk as strong forces to shape the nature of society for the next two decades and counting. There was an alarmingly powerful spiritual movement among the punk rockers at this time.

Planet Jupiter - "Guru Brihaspati"

Kids born during this conjunction are now 19 or 20 years old. They are now becoming adults. So my prediction is that we are bound to see a lot of new changes and new directions in the world, and these kids will take the wheel and make significant contributions to lead us in new directions. This will be a strong generation of adults.

c. 1981 The two were conjunct in Virgo. This is a rather neutral sign for the both of this, less pleasant for Jupiter.

So we should find, by examining history, that there is a generation theme caused by the different ways that Jupiter and Saturn interact every 10-11 years. Every 10-11 years they are either conjunct or opposite. This is what causes different trends and themes on a generational scale. This could be examined in far more detail by astrologers, using the specific signs involved and aspects from other planets to make sense of the generational specifics from one wave to the next.

– Vic DiCara



  1. Rahul says:

    Hello Vic Dicara,

    Your written articles are really very knowledgeable and useful for astrology beginners.Infact it helped me lot and still helping…good work…you are on rock and also u r making others also to rock…

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  2. Penny says:

    Hi I’ve been enjoying reading your site, its been very informative. I find the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions interesting, as I was born during the Virgo one when they were quite near the same degree.


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