Three Spheres of the Astrological Universe


The three most fundamental components of astrology are the planets, the zodiac signs, and the houses.

Envision in your mind three spheres… contained within one another, like those russian dolls?

The middle sphere is the planets. It is actually made up of 9 onion like layers which each moves independently – rotating, spinning, each at a different speed.

Then envision the outermost sphere… divided into 12 sections – the 12 zodiac signs.
It’s not moving at all. It’s fixed, standing perfectly still while all the and the planets are rotating and spinning in respect to it.

Finally, imagine the innermost sphere: The 12 houses. It is spinning, spinning fastest of all.

These three spheres are interconnected, all held together with a wire linking them to the unmoving outer sphere of the zodiac stars. Imagine yourself descending feet first into this scenario, descending towards the inner sphere.

As soon as your feet touch that sphere everything changes! The force of your feet stops it’s rotation like fingers stopping a spinning top. All the force of that rotation transfers to the outer two spheres, which now appear to both be moving fast above your head as you look up at them from your place on the inner sphere.

This is the astrological universe. You are standing on the Earth. She is spinning and rotating very fast, but from your vantage point she appears to be the most solid and steady thing in the world. You gaze up at the sky and see the onion layers of the second sphere moving above you – the Sun and Moon rising and setting day after day – and all the other planets and stars too (the third sphere), all spinning through the sky above you day after day.

If you look carefully and take notes, you will notice that the second sphere of planets is moving slowly in respect to the third sphere of all the rest of the stars. The onion layer holding the Moon is the fastest of all these, and you can notice her movement through the zodiac stars on a daily basis.

This is what an astrological chart shows you. The zodiac signs are the 12 sections of the outer sphere of the stars. The 9 planets from the second sphere are all mapped to their locations in respect to those stars. The Moon may be in Taurus, for example. Mars in Cancer. Saturn in Aries, etc. But furthermore, both of those spheres – the planets and the stars of the signs themselves – are rising and setting every single day and thus moving through the 12 houses of the chart. So that at one point in the day the Taurus moon rises in the easternmost “1st House”, while at another point in the day it sets in the westernmost “7th house” – and visits all points in between on the way.

This is the astrological universe!

– Vic DiCara