From Generations to Microseconds in Astrology

Each generation has a sort of signature or theme to it. It is the slow moving planets – Saturn and the lunar nodes – Rahu & Ketu – which govern these long term themes as they gradually move through the 12 signs.

Even every year has a certain flavor to it… determined mostly by the yearly movement of giant Jupiter from one sign to the next.

But within the years and generations there are huge variations of people and themes and experiences. These are the domain of the quick moving planets, especially the Sun (who changes signs from month to month) and the Moon (who changes signs about every 2 and a half days).

Still, even within 2 and a half days there are a tremendous variety of different types of people born and different flavors or themes and moods. This is governed by the most important of all astrological bodies, the Earth!

Most people think the Earth is absent from an astrological chart. This is myopia! The fact is that the very chart itself is the Earth!!! The 12 houses of the chart are the different portions of the Earth’s sky, with the most important point of all being the Ascendant – which is the Earth’s Eastern horizon.

The entire 360º of the zodiac and all the planets in it will pass over the Eastern horizon and “rise” within the course of each and every day. Thus every two hours places the larger and longer moving context of generational, yearly, and monthly influences into a unique configuration – every two hours creating people who would be influenced by those factors in a significantly different way!

Still, even within two hours, not everyone or everything is identical. This is the “sub-atomic” realm of astrology – the fine (and extremely crucial!) divisions of the zodiac which are smaller than the commonly understood “astrological building-block” of a sign:

The “hora” (which is the source of our clock’s 24 hours) creates a unique situation from hour to hour. The drekkan does so again every 40 minutes. Smaller and smaller divisions proceed through the navamsha which changes about every 13 minute and 20 seconds! The finest division is the sashtyamsha – creating a new quirk in the astrological scenario once every 2 minutes.

Then we must enter what is equivalent to Einstein’s 4-dimensional realm of relativity: the realm of astrological time integrated with astrological space. This is the domain of the great dasha cycles of the planets. And in this wavelike realm, each and every second of time has a new impact on how the future unfolds!

– Vic DiCara