Why Pisces is That Way

Here is how I see it:

Jupiter rules Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of ethics and morality. These are confusing topics if you try to get deep about them at all.

Since pisces is a water sign, she does try to get deep about them.

But since Pisces is a dual sign, she finds herself oscillating, bouncing back and forth between ideas. This inclination to be deep about so many complicated issues and thoughts is what makes Pisces indecisive and often beset with confusion. It also gives them inherent potential for extreme intellectual and ethical judition and erudition.

– Vic DiCara



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  1. Georgina says:

    Hi im georgina i love reading my star signs because everytime i read them they are ALWAYS TRUE!!!!. i also ove this picture as i wanted to paint a picture but i didnt know what of. I found this picture and i have now drawn it, now painting it. I cant really describe how i feel about my star sign but i love reading them. I dont know how they are figured out as what has happened or what is going to happen in the future but they are always right and true for me, and yes that does sound a little weird but i love it. Im creative, love to sing and dance, write poetry, draw/ art . Im so shy to get on stage to sing but one day i will do it become the singer i want. I really dont know why im saying this but yes. Theres my very long comment. I love your pisces pictures.


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