Symphonic Astrology

Maybe astrologers should stop trying to “read” charts and start trying to hear them?

An astrological chart has a full spectrum of possible notes it can play. The planets in that chart will choose which notes to play and which others to silence. The trick to interpreting a chart accurately is to be able to hear the “sound” a chart makes as a result of the way everything in it resonates.

Orchestra of Houses

Actually, the chart is not a single musical instrument. It is an orchestra of many instruments. Each house, planet and sign in the orchestra of a horoscope is an instrument unto itself, with its own strings being resonated or dampened, and contributing to the overall symphony of the chart.

Instruments resonate when they come into contact with certain vibrations – thus they produce sound and music. Musical instruments are just like human beings. Pick a person – name her “Sue” and imagine her spending a month in close company with Sally, who is a huge fan of poetry. If Sue has any poetic threads in her nature at all, these threads will start to resonate and “sound out” as a result of her spending time with Sally. Now, let’s take poor Sue and stick her in jail for a month. Those poetic chords in her might get quite dampened as she spends time with criminals, while if she has any criminal threads in her nature at all, those will now start to resonate and be heard.

The houses, planets, and signs of astrology are just like that.

Take the houses. Each house has so many different threads of meanings. What determines which meaning of that house you should pay attention to if you are trying to interpret the chart accurately? The threads in that house which you will actually hear in real life will be those that have a lot in common the planets activating the house. The planet in this case is like a musician, playing the musical instrument of the house. Each musician selects the notes and phrases which express their own individual personality and feelings. When a planet activates a house (by being in that house, aspecting it, etc.) it will cause to vibrate and be heard the meanings in that house which are sympathetic and consonant to it’s own nature.

Example: The 8th House Electric Guitar

Take the 8th House for example. There are many threads of meaning here, many “strings” which could be played by a planet-musician. Here are some primary ones:

  • The Force of Life and Death
  • Occult
  • Sexuality

If you have a death-oriented planet in this house (or activating it in some way), its strings of meaning connected to Life and Death will start to vibrate and be heard. If you have an occult-oriented planet here, its occult themes will sound up. A sexually oriented planet will cause its sexual strings to vibrate, etc.

Planets have their own inherent personalities and they also have “moods” which they acquire as a result of the houses they own. There are other conditions which further color a planet’s personality and mood, too. But the principle I would like to clarify in this article is that the mood and personality of a planet will cause specific themes of the houses to activate, while dampening and silencing the other themes.

Frequency Cancellation and Buildup

As each instrument in the chart is played, it contributes to the sound of the overall symphony. The music being created by one house effects the way the other houses will play along in the orchestration.

So, for example, if many of the houses in the chart are dampening the strings of financial abundance, yet you see that the stage has a spotlight on the 11th house. You should start to hear that the 11th house is not going to play financially oriented melodies very well. Even though the 11th house has plenty of financial implications – the frequencies created by those strings get noise-cancelled by the frequencies the rest of the orchestra of houses plays.

The non-financial vibrations resonating from that spotlighted 11th house, however, will go well with the rest of the ongoing symphony of the chart and therefore it is those frequencies which you will actually hear – which will actually manifest in the real life of the person whose chart you are reading… or should I say “listening to.”

Time Signatures and Drummers

Drums keep the time, and set the rhythm. In Vedic Astrology the dasha-cycles are the drummers and conductors of the symphony – with the transits also playing percussive cymbals, shakers, etc.

So, at some point in the unfolding of the song, there are often opportunities what allow the quieter instruments and melodies to come to the fore briefly and be heard by the back of the theatre.

– Vic Dicara