What’s Good About Bad

I’ve seen this for a long time in my astrological practice and theory, but recently it has really hit home and become a tangible realization for me. There is a lot of good to be had from bad things.

People with lots of “blessings” and nice things, everything easy and comfortable, those people are almost always fairly thoroughly useless in terms of what they contribute to human society. They are thoroughly boring, in fact.

On the other hand, gather up a list of really important people – artists and visionaries and leaders and spiritualists and saints and gurus. Take a look at their horoscopes. There is a lot of “bad” stuff in there, always.

By “bad” I mean the parts of astrology stereotypically assigned as being “bad” – 8th house, 12th house, 6th house…. Saturn, Ketu, Rahu… all kinds of difficult combinations…

It is because without challenges in life we become nothing but consumers of oxygen.

Of course not everyone with a difficult chart becomes a great person. Many of them become difficult, terrible people. But one thing is for sure: They are never boring, and never normal. Difficult charts present us with challenges. If we mess up those challenges we become lousy. But if we use those challenges to make ourselves more than what we were before – we become great. Much greater than people with lots of “wonderful placements” and “good karma” in their charts.

– Vic DiCara



  1. I love that you have written about this Vic!
    Many think/say they want peace only to recreate strife again and again in their own lives.
    Perhaps it’s the contrast that is so exciting…
    Besides, this IS Kaliyug we are in after all.

    God*dess Bless


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you Chitra!


  2. Akul Tripathi says:

    Nice. Really nice point of view. Really optimistic.
    I too am beginning to believe from the few charts I have seen, that people with satisfactory and good placement of planets, lack an outlet to their energies and go on to create and involve themselves in problems they self-create. OR perhaps, even a pebble is then given more attention than it deserves and turned into their own Vesuvius which explodes sooner rather than later; leaving them largely unscathed, but even more confused…


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