Mercury in the 12 Houses – Very General Themes


I actually think general themes are much more useful than page long descriptions of the so-called effects of a planet in each house. Why? Because there are simply way to many variables involved in an astrological chart to think that you can derive a page worth of specific effects from something as singular and basic as a single planet in a single house.

Still, it is very useful and important to understand the general themes which arise from the various planets being in the various houses. Here are some general themes which come to mind by seeing the planet Mercury in each of the 12 Houses.

Mercury is intellect (which includes, going without saying each time, the ability to communicate as well as to understand and think). So Mercury in house…

1 – person is quite “intellectual” / mercurial
2 – speaks well, learns well
3 – communicates through hands, many desires on mind
4 – not talkative due to privacy, but expresses and is interested in emotions
5 – very creative intellect
6 – very thorough intellect
7 – diplomatic intellect
8 – symbolic intellect good with mysterious things
9 – intellectual understanding of philosophy
10 – intellect-oriented career
11 – sociable
12 – quiet, humble intellect

Remember that planets always aspect the opposite point in the sky. So if you have Mercury in the 7th house, the primary theme is good ability to communicate with other people (“diplomatic intellect”), but there will be a secondary theme arising from the fact that Mercury in the 7th house aspects the 1st House. Therefore a side effect of Mercury in the 7th house is a “dash of Mercury in the 1st House” too.

Whatever house Mercury is in, there will secondarily be a dash of effect as if Mercury were in the opposite house.

For beginners to astrology, here are the opposites.

  • 1 & 7
  • 2 & 8
  • 3 & 9
  • 4 & 10
  • 5 & 11
  • 6 & 12

– Vic DiCara