Self-Defence Against Indian Brahmin Pandits

Here is my response to an attack on me from a Indian Brahmin Pandit.

A Real Guru Doesn’t Accept PayPal

Our Hindu tradition states that this jyotish of our sages like Shri Parashara, Shri Vyasa, Varahamihira and all the others is a sacred science. It is the art and science of the holy brahmanas. Astrology is not a fad like some Tarot reading gypsy and it should not be sold like a prostitute (veshya) on the internet. Knowledge cannot be transmitted in that way.

Sri Parashar, all the shastras, and the entire Vedic epistemology states that there must be proper reciprocation between the teacher and student, or else knowledge can not be deeply transmitted:

“Tad vidhi pranipaatena” – to the learned, become very humble and meek… “pariprashnena” then you may thoroughly inquire from them, from all angles… “sevaya” render service unto them… upadekshyanti te jnanam… then and only then shall they be able to truly give you knowledge.

If a teacher is a “prostitute” for accepting service in exchange for his or her instruction, than I shall happily label myself a prostitute. My respected students and querents all fulfill this sacred text by rendering me some service in exchange for the knowledge I give them. The exchange of money is a legitimate form of service in this day and age. And in this modern world PayPal and checks, etc. are used to transfer such money. If you or anyone else desires to exchange service in some non-monetary form, I shall never refuse it. However to take service from a teacher without any service back is to treat them worse than a prostitute. It is more akin to rape.

My Background

He has only been practicing for a year.

This is incorrect. I began studying in 1989, was pre-initiated in 1992, and recieved diksha in 1994 (given the brahmanas thread), in Vrndaban India. I began offering astrological services to the public later in 2007, and did so in a professional capacity from April of 2008.

My Gurus

It seems very difficult to trace his credentials from his web site. First he claims to be initiated into the disciplic line from Shri Rupa Goswamipada, so this means that he is likely an initiate of the Hare Krishna movement. So why is he trying to hide?

My entire life is an open book. I am constantly 100% honest, even to my own detriment and pain. My astrology site has information relevant to those seeking my astrological services. It is not a question of hiding information but of organizing what is relevant.

Yes, I am initiated into Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya via the “Hare Krishna movement.” My Diksha Guru is Sripad Dhanurdhara Swami Maharaja – a great soul who truly grants aspiration for bhakti-rasa. His Diksha Guru is A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada – the world teacher (jagat guru). The relevance this to my ability as an astrologer is certainly not of primary importance to the vast majority of my audience.  Therefore I do not focus on this on my website.

My Written Works

On his website, this “astrologer” claims he has translated dozens of books. I have tried to make a search of his books at and there is no such thing.

I state on my website that I have translated many works and authored dozens of others.

I have made translations of Bhakti Rasamrita Sindhu, by Sri Rupa Goswami, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Madhurya Kadambini Binhu. All of these were self-published over a decade ago.

I have authored 12 issues of my own magazine, booklets which the Hare Krishnas have distributed literally hundreds of thousands of copies, and was the chief-editor of the book Waves of Devotion. I was a regular author for the widely distributed magazine Back to Godhead. Currently I write on the internet, and am ready by hundreds of persons daily.

I am a Punk Rocker

The only thing I was able to find out is that he is a musician of the punk rocker genre. He has played on his guitar with so many such bands; there is no steadiness and there is a reason.

I have been playing guitar professionally since 1988. I have been in many bands because of my talent, not my “unsteadiness”. I have been in the same band – the band named 108 – which has taken the essence of Hindu culture and made it accessible through sincere music to the youth of the Western world, without pretense – since 1993.

He claims on his site to have earned “international renown” but how is that possible after only beginning to practice this deep science? It is all a hodge-podge.

The fact is that I am internationally renowned as an astrologer, musician, and author. How it is possible is the grace of Sri Hari and Guru.

I am a Demigod Worshipper who Doesn’t Like Vishnu???

On his site he offers various mantras for propitiating the planets. From where comes such authority?

Firstly this is incorrect. I do not offer mantras on my site. I offer them in my readings. These are astrological mantras which I have been given by one of my Shiksha Gurus, Vamandeva Shastri.

Worshipping the planets is useless unless one understand the almighty Lord Vishnu behind the insignificant planets, as nothing has meaning except in relationship to God Almighty.

Indeed. He is correct. But he has failed to watch my podcasts and see that I do quite agree with him. Nonetheless, I shall not give a mantra to worship Vishnu to a person before they are ready and willing for it.

My Birth Chart

Now I shall be attacked via my birth chart. It’s fun, though. And instructive as well!

Running Around like a “Jungle Bunny”

The chart reveals possible reasons for unsteadiness: three chara papas (malefic planets in movable signs) placing their drishti to the lagna. Malefic Saturn and Mars are both in movable signs and both put their vision onto the Ascendant. As you will learn, the Ascendant or lagna is the first house and deals with the person himself. So he must be moving here and there, from one band to another, from one profession to another, one relationship to another, one identity to another, re-inventing himself over and over like some janglee.

This man is simply insulting me… “janglee.” This is very poor behavior. It is not the quality of a true sadhu.

Yes, my life has been very “unsteady”. How else would I have learned so many amazing things and have had so many amazing experiences. If my life was not so “unsteady” I would still be living on Long Island, NY – eating barbecued hamburger, and obsessed with baseball or hockey. I am happy about these aspects to my ascendant, for they have allowed me to completely reinvent and revolutionize myself – in other words to exponentially grow.

This is the purpose of human life.

The Eighth House – Terrible for an Astrologer??? O.o

In this fellow’s eighth house are Mercury, Ketu and Venus. So this says everything about such characters. Ketu is a horrendous malefic that also in some cases, if Ketu is in a good house, might become the planet of liberation. But not in the eighth where Ketu is very destructive.

This is rather interesting, since the great Indian Astrologer Dr. B.V. Raman has Ketu in the 8th house. Does this pandit consider him a fraud as well?

The 8th house is the house of astrology. The configuration in my eighth house is a classical yoga of power, which this pandit has neglected to mention in his quest to criticize.

Jupiter in the 10th House… wants to be a teacher

Naturally with Jupiter in the tenth house of career, he wants to be a teacher, but due to his afflicted eighth house we see a teacher with motivations that are difficult to understand. He has Jupiter period at present and for another decade, so let him charm himself with dreams of becoming a punk rock pandit.

“atmavan manyate jagat” – If he finds me to have “motivations that are difficult to understand” that is simply a discredit to the clarity of his own motivations. I am a most transparent and straightforward fellow.

I do not need to become a “punk rock pandit” – I have been one since 1990 when I joined the group Shelter and then founded 108 – introducing literally hundreds of thousands of westerner youth to Vedic culture in a way which thousands of them adopted as their life’s foundation. Thus my 10th House Jupiter has been operating effectively since I have come of age to have a career, and for this I am very grateful.

This pandit says that my Eigth House is “afflicted.” An eighth house holding a combination of the 9th and 10th lords, as is in the case in my chart, should never be deemed an afflicted eighth house. Rather it is an empowered eighth house. This placement does harm fascets of the 9th and 10th houses, but it transfers their benefits to the 8th and thus elevates it.

Exalted Moon, but “no self-discipline”

Since his moon is exalted, there is this propensity towards the Vedic sciences and religion, but there is a difference between propensity and actual result. To become an actual teacher, one must be an actual disciple and disciple means discipline. In life, as you will discover, one gets the teacher he deserves. How much discipline a punk rocker has is any body’s guess.

The idea that “Punk Rockers” can not have discipline is a cultural bias and insult, for which this pandit will need to reply to destiny. He seems to have no historical knowledge that it was “Punk Rockers” who largely revived than restored enthusiasm to the International Society for Krishna consciousness when it was at it’s very lowest lows in the late mid ’80s.

As for my own self discipline. I began the practice of mantra sadhana at the age of 18, in 1988. I entered into the renounced studentship order of life thereafter in 1990. I practiced brahmacarya – complete celibacy on all levels, renunciation of intoxication, vegetarianism, residence in an ashram, service to guru, attendance of the sri murti, study of the shastra, etc. etc. etc. for 8 straight years with full intensity – practicing mantra-yoga with every ounce of my enthusiasm, arising at 2am every morning to meditate.

This should indicate “how much discipline a punk rocker has.”

Capricorns Suck?

In this fellow’s chart he has also the most malefic sign of Capricorn or Makara on the ascendant. Makara lagna often makes for a shrewd and calculating individual and is usually not a proper teacher by any means.

So 1/12th of the human population should be written off as “most malefic”? This is a terribly shallow understanding of astrology and is employed for malefic segregation and apartheid.

My Guru’s Guru, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada – the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciouness – has Makara ascending. This pandit must surely admit that he is barely a squalid dwarf of a pygmy in comparison to Srila Prabhupada, the Capricorn.

A Roaming, Passionate, Accomplished Man Can’t Be a Good Astrologer?

The ascendant lord Saturn is in debility sitting in the fourth house of hearth and home. So it is said that such an influence means that the person cannot settle anywhere, simply he cannot be comfortable in one place.

Yes, accurate, but how does this disqualify me from being an excellent astrologer???

Neither can such a person, it is said, form partnerships with these two malefics Sun (a krura or “cruel planet) and violent, destructive Mars in the seventh house of marriage.

I have been married with great happiness since 1997. I have two beautiful children. I am extremely non-violent. He has neglected to notice that these two planets are in Cancer, to start with.

This often is an indication of one who is too much under control of his strong emotions, a victim of his own anger. This could be why one might be with so many different bands, so many different occupations like writer, translator, musician, teacher, astrologer—all in a amazingly short space of time. One might have reason to conclude that such a person appears to be faithful to none of them.

So, because I have done many things in my life, I am a “fraud” and an unqualified astrologer??? This makes no sense. Why my “amazing” accomplishments should be a disqualification is really a mystery!

Back to Mercury and my 8th House

In any genuine astrologer’s chart, Mercury, planet of the jyotishi, must be strong. In the case of this chart under discussion, Mercury has separated from the Sun and has joined the sensualist Venus and terrible Ketu in the house of death.

How absurd.

  1. The further Mercury gets from the Sun the brighter and stronger he becomes. In the horoscope of Sri Krishna, for example, both Mercury and Venus are at their furthest distance from the Sun.
  2. The “house of death” is the house of astrology. To have the planet of astrology (mercury) in the house of astrology clearly indicates the chart of an astrologer if other indications also support it (as they surely do in my chart)
  3. Your pandit has committed graha-aparadha by defaming Venus and Ketu.
  4. The combination of Venus and Mercury when Capricorn rises is a raja-yoga. This is very basic astrologer, and one would expect that someone bearing the title “pandit” should be able to spot this.
  5. I have already explained the effect that Ketu in the 8th can contribute to a person’s inherent astrological talent by referring to the horoscope of the great B.V. Raman.

[for a person with so much 8th house in his chart…] Where is there a question of guiding others on the path of prosperity, happiness and, ultimately, eternal life?

The person whose chart he claims reveals to be a charlatan who cannot guide others is actually a jyotishi (astrologer) with hundreds of very dear “clients” dozens of very qualified students, who has published music which has positively influenced the lives of 10s of thousands of people at least, who was the president of a Krishna temple and thus guided the lives of hundred of congregation members, etc. etc. etc.

It is actually sort of humorous how wrong his interpretation of my chart is. It reveals just how useless astrology can become when practiced only with rote understanding of superficial descriptions. Actually, his interpretation of my chart is not incorrect. He has correctly identified many aspects of my personality. However the conclusions he draws from those interpretations are shallow and simply motivated by the fact that he doesn’t want to lose a student to me, because, when it comes right down to it, he wants the fame, glory and money of having that student.

– Vic DiCara



  1. tiy says:

    Had a very good laugh reading the attacks of the so-called Indian brahmin pandit. Its not new to see these type of meaningless and often futile attacks clearly revealing their hopelessness. These are the very same brahmin pandits who encourage superstition and subservientness of the illiterate masses of India. They are not interested in enlightening the people but create fear for the GodPower so that they can the ordinary guy will see them as some sort of power-wielder.

    Here when Vic creates a more meaningfull approach to the super systems of the universe via astrology and encourages people to see love, peace, harmony and symmetry in the creation and the sustenance of the world, naturally these idiots see it as their lose of space and authority. There are many other people like Vic on the Internet who also try to understand the universe through the medium of astrology. This increase in general awareness of astrology and its principles through jyotishis such as Vic is endangering the very existance of these indian brahmin pseudo-pandits. What else can they do than bark, if it is their only nature? lol…


  2. sue davie says:

    i really enjoyed reading both what you wrote Vic-ji and the comment. thanks. your writings are teaching us so much. i am so grateful for you and your work. pranam, sudevi


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