Some Astrological Yogas (1)

Prominent Planets – Maha-purusha

If one of the five real pleanets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn) is in exalted or it it’s own sign at the same time it is in an angular house (house 1, 4, 7 or 10) the nature of that planet will become much more pronounced and the positive effects will become much stronger.

Moon Neighbors – Anapha, Sunapha, Durudhara

If one of the five real planets is in one (or both) of the houses neighboring the Moon it will become more strongly felt, in connection to the Moon.

Planets neighboring the Moon in the Moon’s 2nd House (i.e. the 2nd house counted from the moon) will contribute towards 2nd house matters – including wealth, stability, and knowledge. Planets neighboring to the other side of the Moon, in the Moon’s 12th House, will contribute towards 12th House matters, incuding humility, sweetness of character,  and wise spending habits.

Sun Neighbors – Vesi, Vasi, Ubhayachari

One of the five real planets in a one (or both) of the houses neighboring the Sun, it will become more strongly felt, in connection with the Sun.

Planets in the Sun’s 2nd House will affect one’s speech and facial beauty. Planets in the Sun’s 12th will affect one’s honesty and character.

Lonely Moon – Kemadruma

If the Moon has no neighbors, as described above, it becomes liable to be weak. This weekness will become more extreme as the following factors are also met:

    • If the Moon also has no conjunctions
    • If the Moon has no real planets in angular houses from it (in the 4th, 7th and 10th houses from the moon)
    • If the Moon receives no aspects.
    • If there are no real planets in the angular houses from the Ascendant (Houses 1, 4, 7 & 10)

This is a very significant situation in a horoscope, which contributes strongly towards a great loss of fortune and decent from fame into obscurity.

Ascendant’s Neighbors – Shubha & Papa Kartari

If there are planets neighboring the ascendant (ie in the 2nd and 12th Houses) these planets will become more influential. If these are benefic planets they will improve the ascendant overall, promoting lifespan, power and health. If they are malefic planets they will harm the ascendant, reducing lifespan, promoting physical handicaps handicaps, and grief.

– Vic DiCara