2010 Winter Olympics Start as Saturn Rises

I am not the biggest fan of sports, but the Olympics warrant attention. I will make some quick notes about my initial observations while looking at the chart for the start of these games.

First of all I was shocked! Either the Olympic Committee pays absolutely no heed whatsoever to astrology (likely) or someone behind the scenes in some illuminati type setting intentionally picked a really ominous moment for these games (I guess, really, an equally likely possibility). In any case, it is what it is. And this is what it is:

“Saturn, Saturn, Saturn, Saturn, Saturn, and Mars.”

As I watched the opening ceremonies I was wondering if they were consciously waiting for Saturn to exactly rise. The games officially began with the lighting of the torch at 21:00:52 in Vancouver. At this time, Saturn was exactly on the eastern horizon (within just three minutes of arc)! And then when I saw a man in a wheelchair come into the studio carrying the torch I felt that I was seeing just that – Saturn, who is always portrayed in Vedic astrology as being lame and having bad legs – was rising into the stadium.

Saturn is dominating this chart in so many ways.

  • He sits exactly on the Ascendant.
  • The chart ruler (Mercury) is in his Capricorn
  • The chart ruler is in mutual reception with him
  • The Moon is in Capricorn
  • The Sun is in Aquarius
  • Saturn is extra strong due to being retrograde.

Mars is the next most dominant planet. He is also retrograde, is debilitated, and is very exactly opposite from the chart ruler Mercury, thus forming a mutual aspect.

So the chart is under heavy influence of Saturn, and the next “batter on deck” (wait, is that a Summer Olympics metaphor?) is Mars. Saturn and Mars are planets of ill-omen.

There are some additional reasons beyond these very significant ones already mentioned why they should not have begun the games this week and at this time.

  • The house exchange between Saturn and Mercury causes the 6th house to link with the first. This is the house of obstacles and difficulty.
  • The Sun has just barely entered into Aquarius and is therefore weak from changing signs.
  • The Moon is dark, almost fully dark.

There are a few positive indications for a sports oriented event:

  • The 3rd lord is in the 11th house (allowing the performance of competitions, etc.)
  • The 5th lord is in the 1st (allowing for excitement, challenges, etc. to be a positive factor).

But the overall maleficence of this chart makes one see a picture of sports accidents and grief.

What has already happened.

I hope the athletes and administrators particularly will be extra cautious so that we do not see more unfortunate accidents, problems and grief. I would have certainly never recommended the Olympic Committee to begin the games on this day!


It seems it is mostly the weather which is really cramping everything going on at these olympics (But every time I see the torch w/ three pillars instead of four I remember the moment they lit it, with Saturn rising.)…

– Vic DiCara