Why Astrology Get’s Things Wrong Sometimes

First of all, I am going to be loud and ask those of you how are already answering/commenting “because it’s bullshit” to press pause and at least read this article and some of the other stuff I’ve written on the subject with an open mind. To summarize, when I say “astrology” I’m not talking about Miss Cleo phone lines or bullshit columns in tabloids, newspapers and websites. I’m talking about real, authentic, ancient astrology.

Yes, there is such a thing. I practice it myself.

And yes, sometimes I get things wrong.

(No, this is not about something specific.) Why do we get things wrong sometimes? To explain my opinion on this let me use an analogy… the weather. You turn on the news and they tell you it’s going to rain tomorrow. Most of the times they are right. But sometimes wrong. Is it because meteorology is a bogus psuedo-science? A load of “bullshit”? No. It’s because meteorology is extremely complex.

There’s another interesting thing about this analogy between astrology and meteorology. If you watch the “7 day forecast” you know that the further towards the 7th day you get, the less likely it is that their prediction will be accurate. And they don’t even try to go beyond 7 days. This is another thing about astrology, and perhaps is what got me to write this article, though in response to dialog within my own head, not with clients. People ask astrologers for “weather reports” about some pretty damn important stuff that is pretty far in the future. When you have complex science like astrology (or meteorology, etc.) the further out you go from your known starting point, the more your small inaccuracies multiply their effects.

So for example, let’s say I lose my wallet. Some smartass might say, “you are an astrologer. shouldn’t you have known you were going to lose your wallet?” As if I have the Brain CPU to sit there constantly evaluating the complex astrological equations for all the potential outcomes on an ongoing basis, for a non-paying client (me). People who only know about Gypsies and Crystal Balls and Miss Cleo 1-900-555-5555 really have no idea how complex authentic astrology is, and what a time and energy consuming affair it is to unravel the weave of her equations and symbolic formulae.

When a weather reporter gets next Friday’s weather wrong, it doesn’t mean that Meteorology is bogus. It means that we human beings employing the science are imperfect. Because it’s a very complicated science, little imperfections wind up having big implications and effects. It’s the same thing with astrology. Why is a prediction sometimes wrong, or absent? Because we are human.

PS – Any astrologer telling you they are more than human or have a divine access to knowledge is a con-artist. We are all humans, and you can do a DNA test to verify this. =)

– Vic DiCara




  1. tiy says:


    I don’t need to tell you this, but we know there will be always people with a myopic vision of the world… the live-today, live-now culture. That is their karmic purpose for this life.

    Please ignore them and continue your spiritual exposition of astrology.

    Best wishes


  2. signon2nine says:

    I like to use astrology for understanding why things happen, as opposed to when things will happen. I am a firm believer in free will (Uranian, here) and we all know that free will can either ruin or throw a curveball to a prediction or forecast. (At least until the fates decide that the ultimate endpoint must be reached, lol).


    1. vicdicara says:

      this opens a very interesting discussion of the inter-relationship between freewill and destiny. If you click on the “karma” category link in my blog there is some fuel for that discussion.

      It is very interesting, but in my opinion karma is like dough. You can stretch it and change it’s shape somewhat by freewill, but the baked good you end up with is also limited by the type of dough you were given to start with.

      In the end, though, you are right, freewill is one very significant among many significant factors in the equations of real astrology which make it science on a level of complexity which actually out-complexes meteorology!


  3. Raktambara das says:

    Your comparison to meteorology and its similar complexity is very nice and makes perfect sense.

    However, my impression so far is that with astrology the accuracy is the opposite: only very long term is fine. I had my chart made by a few astrologers already (both western and vedic), and when they describe my general character, they are always right, spot on. But when they talk about things that should be relevant to me today, or this week, month, or even year, or to help making a decision, there was no match whatsoever to anything that happened, and it has only confused me.

    In other words, to me it seems astrology is very good for describing one’s character, and if two people match. More than that, it has unfortunately not been able to do for me.

    I even had my birth time verified by listing some important events that happened in my life, and some minutes were added, but that didn’t help much. :-/ For other people the same astrologers have been a great help.

    Therefore, I’ve kind of given up on astrology, thinking that whatever I could get out of it, I’ve gotten already, and it’s not meant to give advice on important questions in ones life.

    Would you have any thoughts on this? Thanks in advance.

    (I just stumbled upon your web site through a friend posting a link on facebook to a very interesting video by you on Krsna’s chart.)


    1. vicdicara says:

      Astrology us very difficult to do well. If astrologers are not getting your short term realities right then the long term predictions they make are even less reliable. It’s just that you don’t yet KNOW they are wrong.

      If you sense that there I’d value for you personally in astrology you should continue to pursue it. Finding the right astrologer is difficult and similar to finding the right guru in some ways. Perhaps your particular chart us rather difficult to read. If however you sense that astrology is not a relevant path for you, there are so many other paths to which you can turn your attention.


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