Venus – The Senses


Mercury granted the Sun and Moon the ability to exchange their internal awareness with the external world. What Mercury requires now are the actual instruments that allow interaction with the external world: the physical senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin.

Venus creates these senses.

What she cares about the most is making those senses be useful and happy. Therefore she is classically associated with

Beauty = pleasing to the senses.

Art = useful and pleasant creations for and by the senses.

Romance = mutual support for healthy and fulfilling sensual experiences.

Peace & Love – without peace and harmony we wind up interfering with each other and hurting one another. Pain and hurt is the opposite of what the senses want, and therefore the opposite of what Venus wants. She always tries to promote peace, love, harmony and mutual understanding.

The Youth – The father (Sun) first gave the seed. Second, the mother (Moon) nurtured the seed. Third, the child (Mercury) was born. Now, the child has matured into Venus – a youth interested in romance, marriage, and creating a happy future life.

– Vic DiCara

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