Astrological Body Language / Flirtation Guide =)

This is great. I am going to tell you how you can understand a person – their overall personality as well as their intentions at the given moment – simply by having a basic understanding of the astrological planets and just observing the person’s eyes!

According to Vedic Astrology, every planet has a characteristic way that they will look at you.

Looking Up

The Sun and Mars look up at you. That is, they tilt their heads a bit downward and they sort of glare up at you.

This is a martial gesture. The Sun and Mars are the kshatriyas/Warriors of the planets – King and General respectively. If you meet someone who glances up at you while still keeping their head tilted downward, you know that their karma is dominated mainly by the Sun and/or Mars.

If someone doesn’t usually use this sort of glance, but is doing so at the moment, you know they have somewhat hostile or punishing intentions or feelings. Of course, many people employ this glance playfully or as a flirt, to indicate a playful anger or power.

Looking Straight

The Moon and Jupiter look straight at you, with plain honesty and directness. People who tend to mostly look straight at you are ruled mainly by the Moon and Jupiter. You can generally trust that they are honest and revealing people (though if you are suspicious you should check their charts to ensure that their Moon and Jupiter are not under corrupting influences, in which case they will be con artists).

If you want to pretend that you are telling the truth, “look me straight in the eye.” Hahaha, but it will be difficult! Karma is very difficult to willingly control. If you are not a moon/jupiter ruled person you will feel really uncomfortable trying to look everyone straight in the eye.

When someone is looking at you like this, especially if it’s not normal for them, you know they have forgotten their pretense and left the gates to their doors unlocked and open. They are being honest and revealing.

When flirting this glance means either, “come and get it” or “no, like I said, I really am not interested.” Depending on the context.

Sidelong Glancing

Venus and Mercury glance out of the corners of their eyes. (This is my personal favorite, though I rarely do it in this lifetime!) They are the witty planets. Mercury is playful, witty and looking all over the place. Venus is beautiful, pleasing, shy and flirty and indirect. People who do a lot of looking out of the corners of their eyes are dominantly ruled by Venus and/or Mercury. You find women as a whole do more looking out of the corners of their eyes than Men do. This is because women are inherently more receptive to Venusian energy. Males who do this are usually very artistic and theatrical.

When someone is looking at you out of the corners of their eyes, you better respond like Venus or Mercury would – because those are the planets currently acting up within that person. Be witty, be beautiful and creative. Worst would be to respond like the enemies of Venus or Mercury would – by glancing upward at them in anger (unless you are really a good flirt and can “play with fire”).

Looking Down

Saturn looks down. Often he looks down because he is a bit sad and morose. But he also sort of looks down at you. Because he is so distant and detached from your whole world. People who usually look downward like this are ruled predominantly by Saturn. If you want to make friends with them, treat them like Saturn’s friends – Mercury and Venus – and look at them mainly from the side of your eyes. If you want to have a war explode, act like the Sun or Mars (Saturn’s enemies) and glare upwards at them. If you look straight at them like the Moon or Jupiter (Saturn’s neutrals), you will get a neutral response in kind.

In flirting, this look can be employed sometimes to indicate that you are detached from the person you are communicating to, and that they need to step up and do something to captivate you. Looking straight downward is the most intensely saturnian. Looking a bit to the side tempers the coldness somewhat with some venus/mercury energy. Don’t look straight down if you can help it. You will turn people off and get criticized like mad.

BTW, Barak Obama, pictured here, has a Capricorn sidereal ascendant (i.e. he is predominantly ruled by Saturn)

Using Your Eyes as Therapists

People who are into astrology, especially Vedic astrology, will be familiar with the concept of using gemstones and mantras therapeutically. Many are also aware that colors and smells and diet can also be used for karmic therapy. But few are aware that you can use your own eyes therapeutically. If you practice glancing in the character of a particular planet you will increase the energy of that planet within you (or more accurately, your receptivity to that planet’s energy). Thus is you want to be more romantic and artistic, practice glancing to the side like Venus and Mercury. If you want to be more nurturing and ethical, practice glancing straight ahead like Jupiter and the Moon. If you want to be more commanding and strong, glance upward more often – like the Sun and Mars. And if you want to be more detached and sober, direct your gaze downward, like Saturn.

– Vic DiCara

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