Moon – The Subjective Mind


The Moon and Sun form a couple. The Sun on his own is purely a spiritual phenomenon, and does not concern himself with this world of objects and material things. Only when the Sun partners with the Moon can he reflect his light into the darkness of night. The Moon is therefore the mind.

What is “the mind”? It is the awareness of the pure soul reflected towards the world of objects. The “mind” represented by the Moon is not an intellectual or rational thing. She is a subjective reservoir of opinions and emotions.

Emotions – When we focus our attention on the material world, we develop subjective opinions of the things in that world. We have an infinite spectrum of opinions, of course, but you can group them all into two fundamental categories: (1) things we like and (2) things we dislike. We feel emotions like attraction, happiness, and love for things we like; and repulsion, dismay, and hatred for things we dislike. So, the Moon constitutes emotions because emotions result from opinions, and opinions form when we reflect our consciousness on the world.

Mental health – since she constitutes our emotions and is the source of the light that creates the opinions generating those emotions, the condition of the Moon is deeply connected to a person’s emotional and mental health.

Mother – The Sun came first and represented the father. The father is the first principle, because the father must first give the seed, the sperm, to create life. After the Sun comes the Moon, the second principle which provides the sperm with an egg and a protected environment in which the sperm can develop into a fetus. So the Moon represents the Mother.

– Vic DiCara