Can You Change Your Karma?

There’s a few different angles on this question. That’s why there tends to be debate about it. Most of us human’s lack the patience and broad-mindedness to be able to hear and understand more than one angle at a time. I will try to present an answer which addresses most of the angles.

Karma pertains to the actions you have performed in the past. In that sense, no you can’t change this aspect of Karma. It’s impossible to change something you have already done.

The actions you freely chose to take in the past create the destiny you deal with in the present (and future). In this scope of the term it is possible to change your karma. To understand this you first need to understand that Karma is the universe’s way of helping us to become enlightened, gradually. She, mother nature – the universe, observes actions we take of our own freewill, and she keeps us responsible for those actions by rewarding or punishing us with “destiny” that will either encourage us to continue in the better, more selfless things we are doing, or discourage us from the selfish things we are doing.

So karma is just the way that a mother interacts with her children. We are the children, and the universe is our mother. If you are a mom or dad with kids, it will be pretty easy for you to understand: When kids do something wrong and don’t even realize they did something wong, you have to get angry, chastize, etc. Worse when they do something wrong and refuse to admit it was wrong, or lie about it – then you really need to be disciplining. But in situations where they do something wrong and really feel sorry about it, you don’t even need to reprimand much. Because you know they will make efforts to correct themselves. This is exactly how our mother, the universe, cares for us regarding karma. When she sees us trying to be proactive about improving ourselves and moving towards becoming enlightened, she doesn’t really need to make our karmic reactions so strong and punishing, because we already have displayed to her that we understand right from wrong and are working on it ourselves. When we don’t even care about being selfish and wrong in our life, or when we make excuses, or don’t even care to understand right from wrong, that’s when she needs to be more disciplinary with the exact nature of the karma she dispenses.

– Vic DiCara


  1. Mihai says:

    hello, very good article. however, I doubt the righteousness of the ‘discipline’ that the mother nature does to us (especially to some of us). how is it that some people can do all the bad in this world and they receive more and more god from others and have lot of good luck, while others simply have a crapy life. by the way, if there’s indeed free will, why I should be punished for my decisions?


    1. Thank you Mihai. What an excellent comment.

      Our freewill is powerful, but infinitesimal. When our will is harmonious with the infinite divine will, then it is infinitely fulfilled. When it is in dischord with the infinite will, it is fulfilled in an “as far as possible” manner, balancing it with the wants and rights of other dischordant beings and delivered in a theraputic manner that enables us to eventually choose harmony with the infinite will.

      The living entity has been a distinct, willing individual from a point that is outside the domain of chronological history. In other words, “for an extremely long, long time.” The balancing of all the dischordant wills in a theraputic manner is a monumental task to juggle – and it therefore sometimes takes many many cycles of years and ages for the proper conditions to arise to administer the rewards and punishments. Therefore it sometimes seems that people recieve from nature things that they do not deserve – because our focus is limited to the short span of time in which we know them, at most a single lifetime.

      I would encourage you to read the rest of the articles on this topic, found here: to explore this concept in more detail.

      Thank you,


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