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Perfume and astrology?

Is it possible to select a perfume based on a person’s Natal Chart? What placement would you use? The Venus? Maybe Vesta?

In Vedic astrology each planet is associated with specific aromas. Therefore you can apply aromatherapy according to a chart. In a simplified format, just like you have birthstones, you have birth-fragrances. In other words, according to a person’s vedic rising sign a different set of aromas will be more helpful and positive for that person.

The Sun – hot, spicy aromas (gingers, cinnamons, sage, etc.)
The Moon – cooling, calm aromas (jasmine, lotus, gardenia, sandalwood, etc.)
Mars – stimulating fragrances (musk, camphor, others similar to sun)
Mercury – clear, clarifying aromas (mint, basil, wintergreen, etc.)
Jupiter – healthy, rich aromas (frankincense for example – others similar to the moon)
Venus – sweet fragrance (rose, saffron, nag champa, plumeria, etc.)
Saturn – healing smells (cedar, for example, also Myrrh)

PS –

Moon and Sun rule Cancer and Leo, respectively
Mercury owns the signs on either side, Gemini and Virgo
Venus owns the signs outside those, Taurus and Libra
Mars owns the signs outside those, Aries and Scorpio
Jupiter owns the signs bordering those, Pisces and Sagittarius
Saturn owns the signs bordering Jupiters, Aquarius and Capricorn.

If the Southern Hemisphere has a totally different view of the stars , did they develop their own Horoscopes?

The vast majority of human beings live on land ;-), and therefore in the Northern hemisphere. But the real crux of the matter is that astrology is concerned with the movement of the planets. The planets only move through a narrow band of the sky, which is more or less in the center of it. That band we have named “The Zodiac.” This middle portion of the sky is visible from both the northern and southern hemispheres. Therefore there is no need for a different system of astrology in the south.

I do find it interesting that astrological calculations get REALLY weird when you get very close to the north or south poles. It reflects the fact that it is very extreme and difficult for human beings to live in those areas.

Planets in astrology–what about earth?

every planet, and even objects that are not planets such as the sun, moon, and asteroids are represented astrologically. but, how is the earth represented and does it fit into astrology?

The 12 houses refer to the Earth’s sky. The Ascendant is the Eastern horizon of the Earth projected into the zodiac.

The entire focal point of the chart is the Earth. Astrology is a SUBJECTIVE view of the heavens. Therefore from our subjective standpoint here on Earth, the Earth itself is NOT in the sky.

What aspects in synastry causes that feeling of instant dislike between people?

That feeling when two people meet and just have an immediate creepy feeling between them?

On top of having some strong squares in the synastry overlay of the two charts (especially ascendant), 9 times out of 10 I would expect to see a very significant CONJUNCTION along the lines of the creep having a creepy planet tightly conjoining your Moon, Ascendant, Sun or Venus. A “creepy planet” could be Saturn, Rahu, Ketu (the two nodes)… or the person’s (or your) 8th or 3rd lord.

Why is a Yod called “The Finger of God”?

Due to the way it looks: like a “finger” pointing at something. And also due to the nature of the quincunx aspects involved. These aspects create lessons that need to be learned. When two of these aspects focus on a single point, it is like god telling us we really need to learn something specific.

In astrology what element do you think would have a hard time being a team earth, water, air, or fire?

Fire and Air are less suited to teamwork. Fire is too self-motivated and air is too impatient.

Water and earth are good for teams. Water is flexible and cooperates, and earth is patient and supportive.

Nonetheless, every team needs a LEADER, if you get a team of all water and earth it will lack some direction and inventiveness. A team should primarily be made of earth and water, but needs a few fire and air people to give it leadership and innovative ideas.

What would you think about a person that has NO WATER in their chart?

i have no water, just tons of capricorn and sagittarius. & a lot of gemini lol. only my moon is in scorpio, what can you tell me about a person with no water in their chart?

You would need to define what you mean by “No Water”. I suppose you mean they have no planets in water signs? Bear in mind the following truths….

First of all the Moon is more important than any other planet, by A LOT. A water-Moon is very important.

Next, all 12 signs are in EVERY chart. Therefore the water is somewhere in everyone’s chart. The real question is not “if” water is in your chart, but “how” it is active in your chart. You will find it active by looking at the water planets – Moon, Jupiter and Venus. Also…

The houses are earth, water, fire and air in the same way as the signs are. The 4th, 8th and 12th houses are water houses. Planets in these houses create watery affects and the rulers of these houses bring watery effects wherever they go.

What in the natal chart would indicate long term issues with their parents?

You see people complaining about their parents all the time…. Where do you see that in the chart?

First, identify the factors pertaining to parents.

MOM: The 4th House. The Moon, and (if the person was born during the day), Venus also represents the Mother (subordinately to the Moon and 4th House, though).

DAD: 10th House (Dad as a rule-maker), 9th House (Dad/Parents as a role-models), Sun, and (if born at night) Saturn (subordinately to Sun, etc.)

So, look at these factors. Are they in wicked conditions? Prosperous conditions? Etc. What you REALLY want to look for is how these factors pertain to the FIRST HOUSE LORD. Because that Lord Represents the Person. So by seeing how the points pertaining to Mom and Dad relate to the point(s) representing the person you can get a great understanding of the parent-child relationship.

Also, if you use harmonic divisional chart (as Vedic sidereal astrology does) the 7th division pertains to children and the 12th pertains to parents.

I’ll give you an illustration to clarify, from my own chart – pertaining to my relationship with my Mom.

My Moon is very happy… being exalted in Taurus and very influential in the 5th house of my chart. Throughout all of my divisionals my Moon is in quite positive signs as well. Therefore you can understand that the Moon is contributing a REALLY WONDERFUL relationship between me and my mother.

On top of that, if you use Vedic planetary cycles you can time WHEN the relationships will have ups and downs. I was born with about 8 years of my Moon cycle remaining. So between my birth and 8 years my relationship with my mother was really outstandingly close and deep.

My 1st Lord resides IN my 4th House. This is another factor indicating great closeness between me (1st Lord) and my mother (4th House). But my first lord is debilitated in that house, and this is the first sign that there will be some difficult issues to face in the relationship, despite the extreme closeness created by the Moon.

Indeed, not only does the fourth house hold a debilitated planet, but it’s ruler is also debilitated – though in the prominent 7th House. That ruler is Mars. The Mars cycle comes after the Moon cycle and lasts for 7 years. During this time I remained very close to my mother, because Mars rules my 4th House, which holds my 1st Lord, and my Mars is extremely close to my Sun (another indicator of the self). Also an indication that my parents would not divorce, btw (4th lord closely conjunct the Sun in the 7th House indicates that mother and father are close in marriage).

The cycle after Mars belongs to Rahu – the North Node. It was at this time that the very good karma my chart shows in my relationship to my mom (the Moon, the 1st lord in the 4th and the 4th lord aspecting the 1st) would take a back seat to the more difficult karma shown (1st lord debilitated in 4th, 4th lord debilitated in 7th and combust). Indeed at this time I joined a group of people commonly considered a cult, the Hare Krishna, and really had very little contact with my lovely mother for a very long time. This seriously damaged the relationship.

I hope this has helped you and other readers understand how to read a chart to understand how a person will relate to his or her parents. And also I hope it may have given some hints as to how apparently contradictory indications in a chart will take their turns at different chronological points in that person’s life

What is significant about a chart where Mutual Reception is present?

It depends entirely on the houses involved. Mutual reception is where the rulers of two houses swap their houses. For example if Mars is in Cancer while the Moon is in Scorpio this is a case of Mutual reception, because Mars owns Scorpio and the Moon owns Cancer. This is a particularly fascinating case because the mutual reception causes mutual debilitation, but that’s another topic!

In any case, it depends upon which house Cancer and Scorpio constitute. If Cancer Rises there will be a reception linking the 1st and 5th houses. If Gemini rises the same reception would be between the 2nd and 6th, etc.

When mutual reception occurs, the affairs of both the houses become intermixed. It is good when the reception occurs either between two “good” houses or two “bad” houses (6,8 and 12, and sometimes 3). But when the reception is between a good and a bad house we consider it to cause some challenges.

Would it be much easier to have planets in the 12th house if they were easy aspected …..?

than if they have many difficult aspects, or it doesn’t matter?

Every house has positive and negative results to offer. If the planet in the 12th House is in a sign that it operates well in, you will get more positive results. If it get’s positive aspects that planet will get help from other areas of your life in manifesting those positive results.

It helps to do Vedic analysis on the sign, because you can split it into 10 sub-signs by the exact degree, and thereby get a very good idea of how positive or negative the planet in that sign is feeling.

Do the signs planets are in make a difference when looking at aspects (in a natal chart) ?

like would venus conjunct saturn in scorpio be different from venus conjunct saturn in gemini

Yes, very much so of course!

The sign a planet is in determines how much of it’s positive or negative side is active. Venus conjunct Saturn in scorpio – they are both in the sign of an enemy planet (Mars) they will have more negativity than if they are in Gemini with belongs to mercury who is a friend to the both of them and thus brings out their positivity.

Be aware that this is best done with the real signs (sideREAL zodiac) and much better if you account for the 10 divisions of signs within each sign. For more info on that, please see my blog.

– Vic DiCara



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