Mars Accidents & News Yesterday

Well we made it past an interesting Mars transit without too much trouble on a global scale! Hurray for us (for a change).

The Transit

Let me quickly describe the alignment yesterday. Mars was very influential because he was in an exaggerated state (being both retrograde & debilitated) and was affecting a lot of other planets: he conjoined the Moon, directly opposed the Sun & Venus, and influenced the sign housing Jupiter. So all in all, Mars was influencing 4 other planets yesterday (and will continue influencing three of them for a while). But due to being retrograde while debilitated, he was going against his normal traits of debilitation and making an effort to improve it. Also Saturn and the Moon were in helpful and positive places to counterbalance Mars’ negative impact.

Possible Negative Effects Expected

Mars causes accidents, violence, arguments and hatred – when he is being negative. When positive he gives enthusiasm, zeal, passion, and incisiveness.

Global Effects

As I opened by saying, we made it past the transit without much trouble. Some news that is reflective of this transit, however is the US sending anti-missile weapons to Iran and, closer to home, An oddball California sniper who became active in connection with the beginning of Mars’ retrogression.

Personal Effects

I would love to hear from you if you have Aries or Scorpio ascendants or moons. Did you have anything unusual occur this weekend? Please comment to let me know. Personally – persons I know without Mars ruled rising or moon signs had some very mild effects (got a rare haircut – Mars cuts things, and he was influencing Venus, both of whom influence my 1st and 2nd houses), my Sun kept having mild falls and accidents the whole weekend (he is ruled by Venus, whom Mars was influencing). But my brother in law, who is Scorpio rising with the Moon and Mars in Venus’ Taurus, got hit by a car while riding home on his bike. It was a mild accident as far as those things go, but still quite a shake up with a lot of soreness and bruises, and a messed up bike.

Please comment to let me know if anything unusual happened to you.

– Vic DiCara