You are the Architect of Your Own Destiny!

I think it’s very important to clarify that astrology does not create your destiny, and planets do not have any independant ability to influence you in any way. Only you create your own destiny and only you can truly influence yourself.

What is astrology then? It is a gift from nature and Godhead. The planets and stars reveal your destiny. They tell your fate, for sure,  but they cannot create your fate.

You have existed for countless ages. You are as old as the oldest star, and older still. Through all that existence you have been making choices in this universe, and she, your mother – mother nature – has been observing those choices and responding to you appropriately.

What is “appropriate”?

Enlightenment is appropriate.

The universe records your decisions and therefore holds the reactions to those decisions which are most appropriate to generate your gradual and eventual enlightenment. This is what we call “karma.”

The planets we see in the sky are the Universe’s way of communicating more directly to us. Telling us with their symbology what destiny will unfold in this lifetime, so that we may utilize that destiny more effectively for our own happiness and enlightenment.

– Vic DiCara