Random Q&A


Is it true that moon in Pisces babies cry alot?

Crying is a child’s form of communication, therefore it pertains more to Mercury than to the Moon. And the Ascendant Sign will set the context for everything. Also, the conditions in the 2nd house will describe speech. Also the house occupied by the 1st Lord will tell about the childhood experience.

So what I am saying is that in real astrology you can’t just take one factor alone. You have to consider a bunch of things simultaneously.

For example, my Son has a full Moon in Pisces and is a cancer but almost didn’t cry one single time (till he learned to talk, hahaha) His Mercury is in Virgo. His ascendant is Cancer. Note that both Cancer and Pisces are water signs, symbolized by mute aquatic creatures. Water signs don’t talk very much, they feel and think, but don’t express much.

His first house lord is in the 9th House. Therefore his childhood was quite blessed and he was happy, thus felt little need to cry.

Now, his second house is pretty charged up – it has Rahu (north node) and Mars. And his Virgo Mercury is combust by the Sun. What’s going on LATER on in his life (i.e. after toddlerhood) is a classic Cancer Rising trait where they really want to communicate but get confused by emotions and frustrated so easily that it is somewhat challenging and difficult for them to talk.

With this Virgo Mercury, though, and him currently being in a Mercury cycle, he is now successfully learning his second language (Japanese)! He’s 11 years old now.

I love him!

In a war between the zodiac elements, which element would win?

The whole beauty of the zodiac / astrology and the universe itself is that it / she is perfectly BALANCED. No element would win or defeat the other! They are eternally balanced.

Every element has a strength and a weakness. Air for example is very strong in creating perceptive people who have new ideas. But it is weak in that it can also make us very flighty, unsteady, and overly sensuous.

Fire is strong in creating ambition and moral drive, but weak in understanding others and cooperating. Water is strong in being deep, flexible, and reflective – but weak in being sharp, decisive and ambitious. Earth is strong in creating stability and supportiveness, but is weak in bending and flexing and understanding new things.

So no one would win – unless they stop fighting and learn to compliment one another. In which case they ALL win!

– Vic DiCara