Real Astrology


Here are the chapter & section titles for the first few chapters of my book, along with the synopsis of each! If you know of potentially interested publishers, please forward to them / let me know!

Astrology is Real???

Address the doubts about astrology being a valid and real science.


Fake Astrology

How and why astrology became fake


Tabloid “Star Signs”

The role of Mass Media


Dizzy Stars

Procession of equinoxes makes the zodiac measurements inaccurate, leading to speculation


Religious Opposition

Religious and Authority figures oppose free access to knowledge and power



As a result of these problems many claim there is no scientific evidence to uphold astrology as a reality


Real Astrology

How real astrology survives and can be practiced today


It’s Complicated

Real astrology requires real astrologers, as much as real surgery requires real surgeons. Dabbling doesn’t work.


Main Schools

Describe the three main schools of real authority still alive today. Explore why Vedic is the most strongly preserved and intact.


Stars That Stay Put

Describe how Vedic astrology avoided the problem of the “dizzy stars” (procession of equinoxes)


Unified Astrology

Espouse a modern incarnation of all ancient principles.

Why & How Astrology Works

Explain how it’s possible that astrology is real and reliable.

Why Astrology Works

Because we are responsible for our actions (destiny + freewill = karma) and we never cease to exist (conservation of spiritual energy).


How Astrology Works

Introduce the 3 main components of astrology: Planets, Stars & Sky.


The Planets as a Whole

Explain the planets in their role as a single unit.

Explain why there are 9 planets in the authentic system of astrology I espouse, and not more or less.



Soul – Identity



Mind – Opinion



Intellect – Exchange of Concepts



The Senses – Perception



Energy – Ambition



Guidance – Morality






External Transformation



Internal Transformation

The Soap Opera in the Sky

Get to know the planets deeply by understanding them as people with dramatic relationships to one another.


Planets are people, not rocks. They have RELATIONSHIPS with one another.


Rebels vs. Authorities

The two basic camps of planets


The Authorities

Why the Sun gets along with Jupiter and Mars


The Rebels

Why Saturn gets along with Venus and Mercury


The Struggle

How the energies of the planets in these two camps forever contest with each other.


The Sun vs Saturn

Why the Sun and Saturn hate each other: redemption through opposition.


Mercury vs. Mars

Why Mercury & Mars hate each other: selfish communication


Jupiter & Mercury

The complexities between religion and intellect, faith and science


Venus vs. Jupiter

The body/soul heaven/earth dichotomy


The Nodes vs. The Luminaries

Why Rahu & Ketu hate the Sun & Moon – Change vs. Tradition

Meaning of the Sky Itself

Unravel the meaning in the 12 Houses of the sky

The Cardinal Directions

Meanings of the Four Directions


The 12 Houses

*What* they are


The Eastern Houses

How to decode houses 1, 2 & 12


The Second House

Decoding the House below the Eastern horizon: Supporting Oneself


The Twelfth House

Decoding the House above the Eastern horizon: Revealing Oneself


The Western Houses

How to decode houses 7, 6, & 8


The Sixth House

Decoding the house below the western horizon: Supporting Others


The Eigth House

Decoding the House above the Western horizon: Revealing Others


The Houses Above

How to decode houses 10, 9 & 11


The Eleventh House

Decoding the House to the East of Up: Social Rewards


The Ninth House

Decoding the House to the West of Up: Social Impact on Others (Morality)


The Sky Below

How to decode houses 4, 3 & 5


The Third House

Decoding the House to the East of Down: Emotional Rewards


The Fifth House

Decoding the House to the West of Down: Emotional Impact on Others (Creativity)

4 Triangles in the Sky of Life

How personal human evolution occurs through the 4 elemental triads of the 12 houses

The Air Triangle

The evolution of perception through the houses.


The Earth Triangle

Evolution of stability through the houses


The Fire Triangle

Evolution of morality through the houses


The Water Triangle

Evolution of enlightenment through the houses


– Vic DiCara