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Debilitated Mars?

Does it make people harder to be angry at this time. Remember, when a mars is in Cancer, it’s debilitated. And Mars energy is firey and has to do with sex and anger. So when Mars is in a watery place like Cancer, does it make a person be less angrier??

Mars is currently in sidereal cancer. The signs effects on planets are more reliable when reading them sidereally.

All other things ignored in the chart, when Mars is in cancer – especially if in the middleish portion (in the lunar mansion called The Flower – Pushya) it increases the persons tendancy to be non-violence and peaceloving. They will have few siblings if any. They will dislike sports, contests, and militarism. It gives a push towards gender-based issues too.

Mars never exists all by himself. But for the sake of answering your question I’ve said what I’ve said. If someone comes out and says, “Hell my Mars is in cancer and I love thai kickboxing and want to kill people and eat their hearts” I’ll have to remind them of two things — (1) Mars is NOT the factor contributing to those traits, other things in your chart are. (2) Are you sure have Mars in *Sidereal* Cancer? Is he in The Flower, mansion???

(Also I should mention that debilitated planets always have strong QUIRKS. They don’t like to be debilitated and from time to time they lash out as a result. So for example, a calmed Mars as described above will still produce infrequent lash-outs and anger issue, perhaps very infrequent and regretted acts of mild violence, etc.)

Sun Conjunct Mercury

I have Virgo sun conjunct Virgo Mercury. How does this affect my thought process and communication skills?

It happens very frequently because Mercury never ventures far from the Sun, and is never more than 1 sign away. However under the right circumstance it produces a special alignment (“yoga”) called “brilliant intellect” (“budha-aditya”). The circumstances which make this happen are a strong connection to the 5th house. If the combination occurs in the 5th House, or in the 11th (opposite the 5th) or in Mercury or the Sun owns the 5th House, this combination is considered to be activated.

It will cause the intellect to be insightful and clear – which would result in good speech, etc. all qualities of Mercury would be enhanced.

However if the conjunction is with 8º combustion occurs, which significantly changes the results.

This is an ancient technique I’ve described above. Best to reference it with your chart in a sidereal format, with whole-sign houses.

Rising Sign vs. Moon Sign vs. Sun Sign

In which order do these fall in IMPORTANCE of a person , according to astrology, Rising sign, Sun or Moon?

The faster moving objects in the sky are of greater personal and individual impact in a birth chart. From this rule you can answer your own question.

Rising Sign is most effective. It decribes the tangible reality of the person

Moon is next – describing the emotional and subjective nature of the person.

Sun is third – describing the identity focus (or ego) of the person.

The rest of the planets are not commonly focal points, but rather modify the three above focal points.

Separating & Applying Aspects

If an aspect is currently separating, can it reverse in the future? how exactly does it work? Because almost all of the aspects in my chart are separating, is this good? Or once all your aspects get far enough do you just die?!? I’m very confused and would greatly appreciate any information anyone has to share

“separating” means that the planets were moving OUT of aspect at the time the chart depicts (your birthtime, in this case). Separating aspects are less powerful than applying aspects (applying aspects involve planets as the move IN to aspect).

The aspects in your birth chart never change, because your birth chart is a snapshot of one moment in time – your birth. They will not get more or less in or out of separation.

Aspects are only 1 facet of reading a chart, btw. don’t get caught up and think it’s the end-all be-all of your chart.

In transits, which are not snapshots of single points in time, but animations of multiple points of continuing time, things change. Let me explain with an example –

Say the Sun is at 15º Cancer, and the Moon is at 10º Capricorn. As the hours pass the Moon will move to 11, 12, 13, 14º of Capricorn, and the aspect between the Sun and Moon will gradually “apply” – it will get stronger and stronger until the Moon hit’s 15º at the aspect (an opposition in this case) is “exact” and at it’s strongest.

The Moon continues moving, minute by minute, hour by hour, to 16, 17, 18º and more in Capricorn. As she moves away from 15º, where the exact opposition occured, the aspect between her and the Sun “separates” – which causes it to dissipate. Eventually the Moon will move out of the aspect entirely.

The 5 true planets can go retrograde. So in their case, it IS possible to reverse and change from separating to applying. However this is a technicality that I mention just for completeness. In the context of what you are asking, there is not change to the aspects ever, because you are asking about a birth chart, not a transit.

– Vic DiCara