Today’s Eclipse, Yesterday’s Earthquake

Eclipse mid-January 2010

Today we have an eclipse. These are always important phenomena in astrology because they represent victory of the forces of Chaos (the two eclipse nodes, Rahu and Ketu) over the forces of authority and stability (the Sun and Moon). As a result, eclipses open up windows for dramatic changes. Conservative or traditional cultures tend to, of course, view such changes as “negative” but the modern open mind can see that such events have both positive and negative potentials because in our modern world a lot of change is necessary and would be a good thing.

This eclipse is a little special. Not because of it being a part of a “triple eclipse” – which is fairly commonplace, but because it in consuming Venus as well. There is also the station of Mercury, while under a square aspect from Saturn. The position of this eclipse in the sidereal zodiac is also quite important, for it puts the planets involved into very dramatic conditions.

Earthquakes are classically associated with eclipses. Not much more than a day ago we saw a devastating earthquake in Haiti which seems to have killed 10s of thousands of people.

Indeed some factors of this particular eclipse indicate a disaster on that scale. Firstly all the benefics are incapacitated. Jupiter is still newborn in an enemy’s sign. The Moon is at zero strength, being eclipsed. Venus is nearly at zero strength as well being nearly completely combusted in the sun’s rays and being consumed in the eclipse location as well. Mercury is the weakest of the benefic planets, and she finds himself under the hard aspect of malefic kingpin Saturn… so he is in no position to save the day. So the malefic planets really have complete control of the karma being shown in the sky right now – and that means that we will see negative karmic reactions. In fact we sorrowfully witnessed this in Haiti on a rather unprecedented scale.


The graphs at right show the positivity and negativity of the  planets as a result of their positions in the dasha-varga (10 harmonic facets of each zodiac sign). As you can see Rahu is overpowering all others.

This eclipse occurs at 1º of Capricorn which is the lunar mansion (nakshatra) of Final Victory (Uttara-Ashada). Persons with important placements in this area of the sky will have great potentials for significant changes in their life right now.  If you have important placements early in sidereal Capricorn, or late in sidereal Sagittarius and are considering or experiencing changes you should consult a trustworthy astrologer to get personalized guidance, as this could be a fantastic window of opportunity for you.

– Vic DiCara