The Sun – Soul

Symbolized by a circle with a dot in the CENTER - The Sun

The Sun is the starting point of the human experience. He is the light which lights up everything else – consciousness itself.

Synonyms for “consciousness” are: identity, ego, soul.

Here are the primary areas of life the Sun therefore controls:

  • Heart – The “heart” is really another synonym for soul, ego, and identity… consciousness.
  • Physical Heart / Health – The physical heart is the organ of central and most vital importance to the health of the entire body. The Sun, as the center of the solar system, represents this. Also, the Sun bestows light and warmth, without which life is impossible – so he represents vitality.
  • Authority – Everything revolves around the Sun, and no other planet is self-luminous – everyone else gets their light by reflecting what the Sun shines onto them. As such the Sun represents: The leader – boss, king, head of the household, the authority figure, the person whom we reply upon for sustenance, the father.

– Vic DiCara

Surya Deva, the Sun-God
Alternate depiction
Another depiction.