The 2nd House – Sources of Support

The Second House

The “2nd House” is the section of sky just below the Eastern Horizon. The Eastern Horizon represents you directly, your physical and tangible self. The sky just below the Eastern horizon is the area that “holds up” and “supports” you. Thus this house represents all the things that support and sustain you in life.

To give the 2nd House a title, I’ll call it the “House of Support.”

Here are some primary examples of things which support you in life and which therefore fall into the domain of the 2nd House:

  • Family. Your physical body was created and nourished by your mother and father and your whole family.
  • Diet. The food you eat sustains and nourishes your physical body.
  • Wealth. The money you acquire pays for the food and shelter to support your physical self.
  • Knowledge. The practical know-how, sum total of your education & wisdom, which is the “diet” and “wealth” for your mind.

– Vic DiCara