Episode 1 of my Podcast!!!

Vic DiCara answers the questions you’ve sent in for the show. He focuses on ancient astrological techniques mainly from the Indian or Vedic tradition. Sudevi dasi is the interviewing host.
You can watch the videos on Vic’s website, or here via youtube.
In part one Vic answers… (1) Is there a simple way to figure out if you are compatible with another person? And (2) What is the significance and origin of astrological names for children?
In part two Vic answers… (3) What are the astrological factors indicating one’s ideal carrer? (4) What is the highest purpose of astrology? And (5) How can astrology help give me clearer direction in life.
In part three Vic answers… (6) What are the astrological indicators regarding the nature of one’s past life? And (7) How can you tell if a person will become famous?  And he discusses some Vedic philosophy about the role of freewill and the power and importance of will itself.


  1. Krishnapriya didi says:

    That was so interesting-a delightful lesson! Thank you Sudevi for facilitating and thank you Vic for your thoughtful answers. I am ever so appreciative and eagerly anticipate the next session.


    1. vicdicara says:

      Thank you, Krishnapriya!


  2. Mark Cooper says:

    Well, I have been to many astrology blog ( run one ourselves) but Vic has that unique genuine insight. I am from India and I can relate to most of teh tuff you say.Thanks


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