The Mansion of Supernatural Protection – Jyeshtha Nakshatra

Jyeshtha – The Protector

The Protective Talisman - Jyestha

I translate Jyeshtha as “The Protector” though the more literal meaning is the original, first, or eldest. The symbol of this lunar mansion is a round talisman granting supernatural protection. The word jyeshtha literally means “the eldest,” and is a title given to the eldest brother of the family signifying his duty to protect all his siblings from  harm. From these symbols we can understand the main focus of this mansion is giving and receiving supernatural protection. It therefore has many “rooms” full of interest in spiritual, occult and paranormal topics, including astrology.

Every lunar mansion his empowered by a Vedic deity. Indra empowers this mansion. He is the King of heaven, equivalent to Zeus in Greek culture. From his patronage, this mansion acquires heroism and ability to rise above challenges and challengers – the authority to be an individual, to think new and different thoughts, to strike out on ones own, and to discover new things.

Mercury, the planet of intellect, owns the mansion and fills many of it’s rooms full of creative ideas and inventions. In the solar zodiac you will find Jyeshtha as the red star Antares in the tail of The Scorpion (Scorpio). Since Mars owns Scorpio, his energy is in this part of the sky as well, and his passion and ambition combine with Mercury’s intellect resulting in a Mansion full of great passion for ambitious ideas and the ability to pioneer new inventions and expressions.

This combination of Mars and Mercury can be challenging, too. It gives the mansion a weakness toward passions, which confuse the intellect, and then enlist it in rationalizing mistakes that it makes. With awareness and sensitivity to this weakness, one can derive outstanding benefit from this mansion.

– Vic DiCara



  1. susan says:

    Is there any more help for a person with anteras moon mansion? I can see now how many times I have escaped supernaturally, mostly by dreams and prayers. Righ now I have a delima that I have so much to do on my list and I often feel discouraged that I can’t do it all. I panic and worry about this and I feel a burden of guilt for my survival and for not always being able to save and help everyone. Thanks, Sue


    1. vicdicara says:

      The Moon mansion is wonderfully important, but still it is only one factor in your horoscope. The best way to help with this particular problem is to assess its cause and advise accordingly, which requires seeing the whole chart. I offer such readings from this page.


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