Scorpio’s Scorpion

The Scorpion


  • They have a deadly attack but still run and hide
  • They make their homes by digging into the earth and burrowing deep into things.

As a scorpion is deadly, this constellation has an intimate connection with the power of life and death itself. This causes Scorpio to have extra proclivity towards occult spirituality, metaphysics, and all the mysteries of life. The connection to the power of life also gives Scorpio a deep connection to sexuality.

Although deadly, the scorpion runs and hides. Scorpio, though deadly, is highly defensive and protective of it’s own opinions and emotions. It keeps it’s true heart locked inside the armor of a rigid exoskeleton. When there is a threat, Scorpio lashes out with a stinger, then runs away to hide in self-defense. If it cannot escape, it relies on it’s stubborn rigidity to protect it.

Scorpio’s greatest need is to become more flexible and cooperative with the ideas and desires of others. Resisting the urge to flee from “emotional danger” and facing emotionally risky situations is the most important effort to be made in this constellation.

Scorpion’s make their home by penetrating deep into things. They live in holes in the ground, or in tunnels they dig in things. This illustrates that Scorpio holds a great interest in penetrating things. Yes, this has a sexual connotation, too. But mainly it indicates that this constellation is a place where one enjoys penetrating deeply into every idea, and concept – in a quest to fully master things in the deepest way possible.

– Vic DiCara