The Two Fish of Pisces


Vedic Astrology gives Pisces the name Meena – which means “fish.”  The symbol of Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions but tied together. This aptly conveys the main energy within the constellation: deep ideals and aspirations, but indecisiveness and difficulty progressing in a steady direction.

Why fish? Because fish live in water, which is the element responsible for subjective reality: the inner world of emotions, feelings and soul. Why two fish? Because the spirituality, emotions and feelings of Pisces try to go in two directions at once. Pisces is at the end of the Zodiac. One fish tries to swim away from the end and return to familiar territory, while the other fish tries to swim towards the end, into a new beginning. But these fish are tied together! A soul cannot go in two directions at once without becoming confused and vulnerable.

Origin of these Traits

Jupiter rules Pisces and bestows to her his characteristic generosity and love for education and philosophy. Jupiter falls into debilitation in Pisces’ 11th House and so Pisces feels a strong need for friendships and social groups. Jupiter rises to exaltation in Pisces’ 5th House which contributes educational abilities, creative instincts, and good relationships with children and students.

Houses of Pisces

The Friends of Pisces are the Sun and Mars. The Sun owns Pisces 6th house and therefore makes Pisces a place in the sky which is quite friendly even towards enemies. Between this friendship with the house of enemies and the debilitation of Jupiter in the house of friends, it becomes clear that one of the things confusing the inner being in pisces is making sense out of who is a friend vs. who is an enemy, and what is an opportunity vs. what is an obstacle. Mars owns Pisces’ 2nd and 9th houses, which allows him to contribute to this sign a strong passion concerning learning, wisdom, morality, philosophy and things of a religious nature.

All the rest of the planets are Neutral towards Pisces, who has no outright enemies. This underscores the nature of this constellation as one which is can befriend inimical forces. The Moon owns the 5th House from Pisces and thereby can contribute to pisces a very motherly and nurturing attitude towards studies and students, as well as a fertile creative mind. Saturn owns the 11th and 12th houses in a Pisces sky, casting a very logical & realistic yet spiritual flavor to the friends and social groups Pisces gravitates towards. Due to Saturn’s influence Pisces needs to keep an eye on her expenses and a throttle on her financial generosity. Mercury owns Pisces’ 4th and 7th House and therefore challenges Pisces to clearly understand and organize their own inner emotions and feelings. He also allows Pisces heightened diplomacy in interpersonal relationships. Venus owns both the 3rd and 8th houses from Pisces and she feels exalted when in Pisces. The result is that there is a great deal of deep passion and romantic lust under the waters of this constellation. It is difficult and confusing to express these things in Pisces, which is why the sign is not famous for this important trait.

Additional Information

Pisces is the 12th Sign of the Zodiac, which connects her to the 12th House and thus to humility, contemplation, solitude, quiet and selflessness. She is a sign composed of the water element, thus being the pinnacle sign for the development of deep, inner self-knowledge. They way that she moves and grows is in an oscillating pattern – adding to her difficulty in “making up her mind” but allowing her to see many points of view simultaneously.

– Vic DiCara