The 12th House – Loss

The Twelfth House

The “12th House” is the section of the sky just above the Eastern horizon. The Eastern horizon itself signifies you. The section of the sky below the Eastern horizon signifies what holds you up and supports you. Conversely the 12th House, the section of sky above the Eastern horizon, signifies the opposite: what drains and exhausts you.

To give a title to the 12th House, I will call it the “House of Loss.”

By no means is this negative! We must inhale and exhale! A person cannot say, “I want more oxygen, so I am only going to inhale and never exhale.” The 12th house is the exhalation of the self. Without it you cannot get rid of unwanted things in your life! The trick to utilizing the energy of the 12th house is a positive and constructive way is to be sure that you are “exhaling” unwanted things. Otherwise the 12th house will be counterproductive and will drain and exhaust even the things you value and want in life. Therefore it is essential that you prioritize the things you don’t want in life and you “feed” them to the 12th House for “exhalation.”

Buddha is a famous person with a significant 12th House in his horoscope. With a healthy 12th house you can be carefree, balanced & humble – which leads to even greater things.

Essentially the 12th house seeks to remove things from your life. Ideally you want to remove illusion from your life. This is the best fuel to feed to your 12th house. The following are excellent pursuits involving the 12th house.

  • Striving to gain philosophical wisdom
  • Trying to be naturally humble and meek
  • Becoming comfortable with silence and solitude
  • Taking opportunities to sacrifice your energy to benefit others

Failing to do these types of activities, the 12th House will instead manifest undesirable energies such as:

  • Unhealthy and unbalanced self-esteem
  • Over reliance on intoxication, drugs and orgasm to escape from insecurities
  • Alienation & Social-phobias

The 12th House concerns quiet places set apart from the rest of population. If you are using your 12th House energy wisely this may lead to enjoyable and helpful experiences of places like libraries, museums, hospitals (as a caregiver), ashrams, a foreign land etc. Conversely, when poorly utilized the 12th House puts you in isolation, prisons, hospitals (as a patient), exile, etc.

– Vic DiCara