Physical Effects from the Planets – Phaladeepika 2:8-14


When a planet is very dominant on the physical focal points in a chart, the physical characteristics of that planet will manifest in the person’s body. The physical focal point is the Ascendant – which includes

  • The Ascendant itself
  • The Rising Sign / 1st House
  • The lagnesh (Ruler of the 1st House)
  • The Navamsha of the ascendant.

Take Saturn for example, he aspects three houses – the 3rd, 7th and 10th house from him. So if Saturn is in the 4th , 7th or 11th house he will aspect the 1st House and have some influence on the person’s physical characteristics. Say that Saturn is in the 7th House while the lagnesh is in the 4th or the 9th. In this scenario Saturn would be aspecting both the 1st House and the 1st House ruler (lagnesh), so his influence on the person’s physical characteristics would be twice as strong. Say further that the ascendant is at 10º of the 1st House, while Saturn is at 10º in the 7th House. In this case the effect is tripled for Saturn also effects the first house by Tajjika aspect (“western” orb-aspects, an “opposition” aspect). If the Lagnesh is also within a few degrees of 10º in the 4th House we add yet another influence, saying that Saturn’s effect on the physical characteristics of the person is “quadrupled”. This is intentionally simplified somewhat, just to give you an idea. Say Saturn also happens to be in the navamsha’s first house, etc. this can multiply his effect on the physical body still further.

You can say that the 2nd house is another focal point for appearance, as far as the appearance pertains to the face specifically.

Also when a planet is simply much more powerful and dominant that the other planets in the chart, the physical characteristics of the planet will “leak through” into the person.

So this is how you analyze the chart to see how much each planet influences the physical characteristics of a person. Now, She Who Illuminates the Fruits will describe what the typical effects of a planet’s influence on our physical characteristics will be.

The Sun

High metabolism (“pitta”)

Strong bones

Thins the hair on the head

Darkens and reddens the complexion

Reddens the eyes

Brave attitude

Gives a build which is quite sturdy, square

Inclines one to dress in red

The Moon

Ample body (“kapha w/ some vata”)

Fluctuating weight

Fine black hair

Pale and fair complexion

Attractive, wet eyes

Mild attitude

Fair speech

Inclination to dress in white


High metabolism (“pitta”)

Strong bone marrow

Shiny and curly hair

Reddish complexion

Fierce eyes

Hash attitude

Angry but generous

Lean body and thin waist

Youthful appearance

Attraction to wearing red


Sensitive constitution (balanced “tridosha”)

Good symmetry in the limbs

Prominent veins on the skin

A greenish look, or attraction to wearing green

Love for fun and games


Ample, plump, big body (“kapha”)

Big chest

Brown hair

Brown eyes


Powerful voice

Interested in wealth

Yellowish complexion

Interest in (or you might say “looks good in”) yellowish cloths

“Yellowish” actually means the color of saffron. This is a sort of mix between orange, yellow and brown.


Ample body, larger size (“kapha” and some “vatta”)


Long, lovely eyes

Curly hair

Powerful sexual charisma and potency

Attraction to colorful clothes


Cold body type (“vatta”)

Lanky (long and thin)

Deepset eyes

Large teeth and nails

Thick hair shafts

Dark complexion

Prominent veins

Peculiar walk

Stiff body, lack of flexibility

Fierce look

Mature or old look

Attraction to black clothes

Heart hearted and insensitive

Lack of cleanliness

– Vic DiCara