Lunar Mansion of “The Root” – Mula Nakshatra

Bundles of Roots symbolize Mula

I translate Mula as “The Root.” Mula marks the location of the center of the milky way galaxy – which is the Root from which our entire multiplicity of stars and solar systems has “grown.”

This lunar mansion gives you the subconscious and uncontrollable instinct to search for “the roots” – the hidden truth buried beneath the obvious ground of things. You want to get to the heart of the matter and understand the truth behind all the illusions.

Each lunar mansion has a Vedic deity who empowers it. The goddess of Destruction empowers The Root. She is known by the name Kali, or sometimes Nirriti. This Goddess destroys illusions so that the truth at the root of things can be discovered! This is never a materially pleasant experience, though. Destruction is destruction, and significant challenges will present themselves to you through this lunar mansion. The key to dealing with these challenges is to utilize them to help you destroy illusions and get to the root-truth behind everything.

The planet who owns The Root is Ketu, the mystical and psychological planet. This intensifies the need to understand the mysteries behind things in your life. Jupiter owns  Sagittarius, the area of sky that is home to The Root. The combination of Jupiter and Ketu creates a profound need for intuitive knowledge about ones true self. It allows depression to be transformed into positive fuel on the journey to self-realization.

Roots are also tied to medicine and to those who live in the forest. The Root may connect you to medicines and treatments. It may also cause you to live simply and without abundant luxuries. Your true luxury, however, is in the destruction of your illusions and the embrace of truth itself.

– Vic DiCara


  1. carlos says:

    i red sometimes about moola makshatra, that can also suffer extreme reversals of fortune that may involve pain and cruelty.
    bad for bad or bad for good?


  2. vicdicara says:

    everything has bad and good in it. which will come out, the bad or the good, depends on the nature and condition of the planet who is using it.


  3. carlos says:

    Moola nakshatra seems important


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