Lunar Mansion of “Dedication & Devotion” – Anuradha Nakshatra


The Lotus Flower in the Gateway of Victory - Symbol of Anuradha

I translate Anu-Radha as “Dedication and Devotion.” Anu-Radha is very closely tied to the nakshatra that comes just before her in the zodiac: Vishakha. Both share the same symbol: An “arch of triumph,” which is essentially a “finish-line.” However Anu-Radha’s archway has a blooming lotus flower in the middle, while Vishakha’s does not.  This distinction in symbology speaks volumes about the nature of these lunar mansions. Some people are fixated on achieving their goals, and will stop at nothing to accomplish that mission. But that is not exactly the nature of this lunar mansion. Anu-Radha is also fixed on her objectives and goals, but achieves them with  lotus-like means: the soft and endearing means of dedication and devotion.

This lunar mansion therefore imparts extreme affection, devotion and loyalty, even to your goals and ideals. This emphasis on loyalty and devotion spills out into your actions, and you make progress in life most rapidly when you make friendships and express your ample kindness to others.

Anu-Radha exists within Mars’ constellation, Scorpio. This imparts bravery, courage and ambition to the devotion and loyalty found in this mansion. Vedic Astrology grants ownership of this nakshatra to Saturn, who imparts practicality to your affections. It also contributes to some sort of deep dissatisfaction with common domestic things and with one’s upbringing. This mansion therefore has a fascination for traveling far away (physically and/or ideologically) from where you were raised. It also grants outstanding leadership ability and the ability to manage people and organizations with a friendly yet effective and goal oriented style. The energy contributed to this mansion by Saturn and Mars combine to provide it with interest in numbers and computations and skills in math and science, often occult sciences.

– Vic DiCara