The Lunar Manions of Ultimate Victory – Uttarashada Nakshatra

Uttarashadha, symbolized by the elephant's tusk

I translate Uttara-Ashadha as “Ultimate Victory.” Vedic culture says that true victory cannot be had by any weapon or strategy that neglects morality. Without morality our victories quickly undo themselves. Thus the Vedic deity who empowers Ultimate Victory is the collective 10 sons of righteousness (known as the Vishvadevas). True victory can be found within this lunar mansion because good character traits can be found in it’s many rooms. Uttara-Ashadha bestows “good manners” but not just shallow cultural manners – deep good qualities. Your good qualities are your truest strength, and on this strength you can become victorious.

Vedic astrology gives this lunar mansion the symbol of an elephant tusk. This illustrates the power given to you by this mansion to penetrate. You will penetrate deeply into each and everything you do. You will understand and experience things deeply. On the basis of your moral character and your ability for penetration you can be a strong leader and councillor. You are honest and sincere, and people will therefore respect your opinions.

The Sun owns this mansion and contributes additional leadership potential.

In the solar zodiac you can find this lunar mansion spanning the end of Sagittarius and the beginning of Capricorn. This causes the influence of the two spiritual planets, Jupiter and Saturn, to contribute their energies to this mansion.

All told, persons with strong influence from The Ultimate Victory will conquer all on the strength of there righteous character. They will be spontaneously looked to for guidance and leadership, especially in a spiritual context.

Sexuality and spirituality are always hand in hand in most Vedic schools of thought. Accordingly, there is a very fascinating sexual dimension to this lunar mansion. The elephant tusk’s emphasis on penetration signifies that women born with this lunar mansion prominent will enjoy the sexual act greatly. Males also have good sexual experiences due to a better intuitive grasp of female sexuality.

– Vic DiCara


  1. vicdicara says:

    Uttara Shadha happens to be the lunar mansion that was rising when I was born! =)


    1. Jagannath A says:

      me too!!


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