The 9th House – Source of Fortune


The 9th House

The “9th House” is the section of the sky just to the West of High Noon. The West signifies other people, and High Noon (the section of sky directly overhead) signifies your worldly activities. Thus, the 9th house concerns how you work for the benefit of others. Such work is really the definition of “good karma,” or at least is the definition of how you create “good karma.” Therefore the 9th House has come to be famous as the House of Fortune (a.k.a. good karma).

The 9th House signifies morality because working to benefit other people is the most fundamental definition of morality.

The 9th House signifies education, because only a person with good “education” will understand the value of morality – the value of creating good karma by working to benefit others. But the 9th house is connected explicitly to higher education: universities and philosophical pursuit of ethics and morality, including religion.

  • A well utilized 9th House brings the following types of effects:
  • A very beneficial fatherly role-model in your life
  • Good relationships with teachers
  • Healthy interest in philosophy, morality and religion
  • “Good Luck”

A poor 9th House, or one whose energy you neglect in your life, manifests the following types of effects instead:

  • Lack of good role-models
  • Inability to accept guidance from those who know more than you
  • Lack of interest in religion and philosophy, or a pompous and self-serving conception of religiosity
  • “Bad Luck”
– Vic DiCara