The 4th House – Deep Self


The 4th House

Directly below your feet, above the other side of the Earth, is the section of sky we designate as the “4th House.” It is the deepest section of the “invisible” sky. You can understand most, if not all, of the things governed by this house simply by deeply considering that fact. The “invisible” portion of the sky is the world inside you. The 4th House, being the deepest part of that invisible sky, is the very root of your inner being. I therefore chose to designate it as “The House of the Deep Self.”

All things connected with roots are in the domain of this 4th house. For example, your immediate “root” is your mother. Indeed the 4th House governs the mother. The deepest root of all is your subjective awareness itself, your emotions and your soul. Therefore ultimately speaking the 4th House governs your emotional and spiritual awareness. A “root” is the foundation from which a plant grows and expands. So the 4th House concerns all of those people and things which create your home base and allow you to grow and expand: Your house, your vehicles and tools, your bank balance, your educational accomplishments, and your network of relatives and support.

Then we also get quite practical: Roots always grow in the dirt. In fact the dirt, or the Earth, is the foundation on which every living being grows. Therefore the 4th House is very strongly connected with agriculture – working of the land, growing things, working with dirt. And it is also connected with owning dirt: i.e. real estate.

– Vic DiCara