The 1st House – Manifest Self

The 1st House

The “1st House” is the section of the sky that surrounds the Eastern Horizon. The East is where the Sun, and all the planets and stars, rise into the sky and come into plain sight. Therefore this portion of the sky represents your birth. It represents the part of you that becomes visible to plain sight: your body.

Since your body is arguably the most practical and significant focal point of the way you experience life, the 1st house is the most practical and significant focal point for the rest of chart, and the whole horoscope aligns itself around the constellation that was in this section of the sky when you were born.

It pertains to the intrinsic health and appearance of your body. It also pertains to your ability to make things manifest or become real and tangible. The skills shown in the other houses of your chart will become tangible realities to the extent that your first house (your real, tangible self) allows.

The key aspects of life found within the 1st House are:

  • Your physical body, it’s appearance and health.
  • Your self-confidence and self-sufficiency
  • Your ability to put your luck and skills to practical use and get significant tangible results from them.

– Vic DiCara