The Bow and Archer

Vedic astrology calls this constellation “Dhanus,” which means “The Bow.” Western astrology has a similar symbol: a centaur archer. The universal bow symbolizes the energy to act in pursuit of high aims and ideals. The centaur with it’s horse-body, however, also shows the swiftness of Sagittarius, and it’s love of exploration.

This is a sign concerned largely with expanding one’s borders and broadening the horizons of one’s morals. It is a generous sign with a lot of passion, love for travel and adventure, and strong disposition for the educational process. Career and Marriage can be difficult to settle on, but can turn out exciting, intellectual and oriented towards communications. Ambitions can be unrealistic and speech can be harsh at times, but those ambitions are a reliable foundation for life in Sagittarius. Friends and enemies blur and cycle in a way that can help Sagittarius befriend and make alliances with many different types of people.

Origin of These Traits

The Ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. Jupiter is an expansive planet very concerned with morality and faith. His domain, Sagittarius, is a place for expanding the horizons of philosophy, ethics, education, etc. Jupiter comes to exaltation in Cancer, which is the 8th House from Sagittarius. This grants Sagittarius a great deal of sexual charisma and interest in spiritual and occult ideas, it also protects against bad luck. Jupiter falls to his weakest debilitation in Capricorn, which is the 2nd House from Sagittarius. This makes Sagittarius more prone to weakness in terms of speaking appropriately, earning money, and having stabile family support.

The Houses of Sagittarius

The Friends of Sagittarius are the Sun and Mars. The Sun owns the 9th House from Sagittarius and therefore contributes a towards disposition of Sagittarius towards philosophy, religion, ethics, and higher learning. Mars owns the 5th and 12th houses from Sagittarius, so he contributes passion for travel, learning, and creativity.

Neutral Planets toward Sagittarius are all the rest: The Moon, Mercury, Saturn and Venus. No planet holds Sagittarius to be an outright enemy, and this says a lot about the ability of this sign to make alliances with many different sorts of people. The Moon owns the 8th House from Sagittarius, which increases the tendency of sexual and metaphysical energies to be on the mind. Mercury owns the 10th and 7th Houses from Sagittarius. He can present Sagittarius with challenges to finding stable careers and relationships, but usually agrees to grant Sagittarius better potential in communications oriented careers, and gives relationships with witty and intelligent people. Saturn is ambivalent towards Sagittarius. Since he owns the 2nd House from Sagittarius, he presents some challenges in the way of being overly generous yet having distant or detached personal supporters. He also owns the 3rd House from Sagittarius and thus presents challenges in the way of having realistic and sustainable desires and aspirations. However he can also agree to grant Sagittarius strong aspirations and a strong voice. Venus is the closest Sagittarius has to an outright enemy. She owns the 11th and 6th Houses and therefore tends to present challenges and blessings concerning the mixing of friends and enemies. Sagittarius is a place in which friends can act like enemies and be argumentative, but where enemies can be made peace with and turned into friends. Often this is a cyclic experience.

Additional Info

Sagittarius is the “9th House” of the natural zodiac – a place with a lot of interest in philosophy, religion, ideas, morals, and learning. This is synergistic with Jupiter’s inherent nature.

The elemental nature of Sagittarius is fire. The element of fire contributes energy and enthusiasm to the Saggitarian interest in philosophies and learning. This sign is full of high ideals and passion for ideas.

The growth pattern of Sagittarius is oscillation. This causes Sagittarius to be ever hungry for new things, especially new ideas, ideals, moralities, philosophies, etc.

– Vic DiCara