Forelegs of Fortune – Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra

The Front Wheels of the Hearse

I translate Purva-Bhadrapada as “Forelegs of Fortune.” The primary symbol of this mansion is the front wheels of a hearse. The front of the hearse indicates our fearful entry into the metaphysical realm which confronts death itself. The next mansion in the Zodiac after Forelegs of Fortune is Hindlegs of Fortune – the back of the hearse. In that mansion the initial fear, anxiety, excitement and shock of this initial confrontation has subsided and one comes to a productive understanding of the metaphysical event of death. Before we can get there, though, we must understand the lessons and pass the tests at the front of the hearse. Thus the Forelegs of Fortune is a mansion in whose rooms we confront and eventually overcome our deep-rooted metaphysical fears & anxieties about life and death. This is a rather serious and nerve-wracking process, but one which rewards us eventually with the deepest sort of “good fortunes.”

The deity who lives in this mansion is Aja Eka Pada. This is a fiery, wrathful form of Shiva, the god of destruction. This is a mansion with great furnaces in the basement, where we destroy the useless corpses of our bad-fortune. Another interpretation of the name “Aja Eka Pada” indicates the “non-born of one foot” – a purely spiritual being with no physical body. This is the ultimate destination of the energy and lessons we learn in the halls of this Mansion: we come to cremate and destroy all our bad fortune and emerge with purely enlightened spiritual understandings of life.

The metaphysical focus of the lessons and energy in this mansion is enforced by the Mansion’s owners: Jupiter owns the Mansion and is the planet of philosophy, and Saturn owns the neighborhood of zodiac in which the mansion lies (mostly in Aquarius). Saturn is the planet of naked truth and final realities. An interesting side effect of Jupiter & Saturn’s combined influence here is the ability to make money and be very thrifty with it. For some reason, we have also found through the centuries that this mansion promotes oratory skills in people. It may be due to Jupiter’s influence, the great advisor.

Person’s who find much of their destiny transpiring in this mansion must keep their minds on metaphysical goals and keep the company of calm and reassuring people, and be physically cautious. As a result of being in the neighborhood of Aquarius, the energy of this mansion finds a very positive outlet when it’s metaphysical ideas and willingness to face frightening difficulties are directed to benefit society. Martin Luther King, Jr. for example had much of his destiny in this lunar mansion.

– Vic DiCara


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