The Lunar Mansion of “The Listener” (Shravana)

Symbol of Shravana Nakshatra

I translate Shravana as “The Listener.” In the Vedic idea of things, knowledge itself travels by sound, to which we listen. Of course things can be written, but writing itself is just a derivative of sound, a recorded version of sound. So even reading falls under the Vedic idea of “hearing.”

This mansion is “The Listener.” It is a place where we love listening to stories, where we gain knowledge by hearing from wise sources. Good listeners make good speakers as well, and thus this mansion, Shravana, is full of voices talking and listening to one another.

Vedic astrology symbolizes this mansion with the image of three footprints. These are said to be the prints of God (Vishnu), because no earthly being leaves three footprints. Footprints mark a path. This symbol of divine footprints indicates that this mansion is particularly well suited for making progress along a spiritual, divine path as a result of listening to sacred sounds and spiritual voices and thus gaining transcendent knowledge.

That’s the best use of this nakshatra. But of course there are rooms in this mansion that are not as well used. Some are merely filled with gossip and noise about mundane things. But most are filled with discussions about higher things, or about linguistics and the act of communication itself.

The Moon owns this mansion. She contributes kindness to it’s halls. Though there are some rooms here that are an exception, by an large this mansion kindly wants to benefit humanity with the understanding and transmission of knowledge through sound.

The Vedic deity empowering this mansion is Vishnu, who is the preserver and maintainer of the manifest cosmos. He infuses this mansion with the desire to preserve knowledge and pass it on intact.

In the Solar Zodiac you would find Shravana as a group of three stars in the middle of the constellation Capricorn. Since Saturn owns this area of the sky, his energy contributes to the foundation of this mansion. Thus Shravana takes the act of communication quite seriously and purposefully, even considering it a sacred act.

– Vic DiCara