Lunar Mansion of “First Victory” (Purva-Ashadha)

Symbol of Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

I translate Purva Ashadha as “The First Victory.” A fan is the symbol of this lunar mansion, which exists roughly in the middle of the sign of Sagittarius and whose stars form the actual bow of the centaur.

This mansion grants the ability to be patient. It will allow you to tolerate the heat, fanning yourself as you wait for obstacles to subside and just the right opportunities to present themselves.

If this sounds something like a great army general sitting in a strategy room, fanning himself while contemplating his enemies weaknesses, then you’re getting the right picture! The Vedic god of water, Apah, empowers this mansion – and from his influence these stars become full with the desire to expand one’s borders like water, overcoming enemies, submerging obstacles and rising higher and higher in one’s experience of life itself.

The power of water, Apah, in this mansion also makes intuition a resource readily available here.

Venus is the planet who rules this mansion, but Jupiter rules Sagittarius, which is like the neighborhood that the mansion exists within. Venus and Jupiter are both teachers and advisors in the heavens, but they are enemies belong to opposite schools of thought. This dynamic supports a somewhat aggressive, warlike or argumentative approach to challenges and arguments. It allows one to become quite good in debate and as a leader and guide. But sometimes one should conscientiously try to make sure one is not ignoring good advice.

– Vic DiCara