Lunar Mansion of “The Rosy Lady” (Rohini Nakshatra)

Rohini Nakshatra

I prefer to translate Rohini as “The Rosy Lady.” A cart and a banyan tree both symbolize this lunar mansion. The cart carries abundant treasures and delicious foods from the fields. The banyan tree has tremendous creative energy and powers of growth. All these are traits of this mansion.
Each lunar mansion has a Vedic deity who empowers it. The deity empowering Rohini is none other than the four-headed Brahma, who is the creator of the material universe. As a result, the most obvious characteristic of Rohini is abundant creativity.

Rohini’s creativity concerns both agriculture and art. By agriculture is all about growth which is a main trait of this mansion.

Vedic culture considers artistic creativity to be a feminine trait. “The Rosy Lady” (Rohini) is rosy because she is happy to be the super-excellent example of femininity (creativity). Thus Rohini’s creativity is very strongly artistic in nature; talented, refined, charming, beautiful, romantic, loving, enjoyable and entertaining.

Before closing, I should mention that Sri Krishna – who is the Vedic paradigm of all such charms and skills in romance, music, beauty and creativity – was also born when the Moon was in Rohini. This is said to be the favorite mansion of the Moon.