Spirituality of Astrology, Beyond Religion


There are four goals of life…

  • kamapleasure
  • arthasecurity
  • dharmamorality
  • mokshaenlightenment.

Pleasure is the basic motivational principle of all life. It is the foundation that remains a constant goal through all stages of evolution. It first evolves to artha – the goal of stability, mainly financial stability. This evolution takes place upon the realization that pleasure can’t be sustained without good health and wealth. Next it evolves to dharma – the goal of social morality and greater good. This evolution takes place upon realizing that health and wealth can not be safely maintained without the context of a peaceful, orderly, and moral society. Finally, it evolves to moksha – the goal of enlightenment. Evolution to this goal takes place when one realizes that a peaceful, orderly, and moral society is impossible because everyone is fundamentally selfish. Therefore one strives to realize selflessness, which is “enlightenment.”


There is actually a fifth goal which generally only becomes known to enlightened persons. This is the goal of selfless pleasure called Prema. Evolution to this stage is possible only when one realizes that selflessness on it’s own is also self-oriented. One thereby desires perfect balance of self-selflessness by achieving an active transcendental selfless loving relationship with the supreme beloved. This goal of life is extremely mysterious.

The Four Goals in Astrology

Astrologically, the four goals exist within the four elements and directions

  • Pleasure = air (gemini, libra, and aquarius in order of evolution) and the west
  • Security = earth (taurus, virgo and capricorn in order) and the south
  • Morality = fire (aries, leo, sagittarius) and the east
  • Enlightenment = water (cancer, scorpio, pisces) and the north.

Each astrological element has an impact on / manifestation within human society:

  • Art is the primary manifestation of air.
  • Financial structure is the primary manifestation of earth
  • Religion is the primary manifestation of fire
  • Spirituality is the primary manifestation of water

Evolving Beyond Religion

Fish "A" and Fish "B" of Pisces

Religion is meant to evolve the human being by putting them on a quest to get beyond security (Thus Aries represents the quest to evolve beyond the earth element). Thereafter one finds the goal of that quest as deep personal morality (Leo). Finally one tries to expand one’s personal morality to broader inclusions of theory and application (Sagittarius). This is how the human being evolves through the “Fire triangle” of the astrological signs and houses. Religion is the vehicle of fire’s evolution. Religion is a social structure, the original form of human government. Modern government is simply a secular religion. Religion does not directly quest for enlightenment, but directly quests for human beings to be “good” and to “cooperate” and “help one another.”

Spirituality is born in a person after they evolve beyond the morality of religion (in this life, or in past lives). Spirituality is not a social structure, it is not governed or institutionalized. It is an internal affair. Spirituality begins with the desire to truly know oneself (Cancer), evolves through the practice of techniques to discover that self-knowledge (Scorpio) and reaches it’s pinnace in the attempt to dissolve the selfish ego (fish “a” of Pisces) while resuscitating the selfless ego (fish “b” of Pisces).

When one attains the state of spiritual evolution represented by the second fish of Pisces, one can begin evolution governed by the fifth element ether. This is transcendental to karma and astrology and thus is not represented in any specific sign or house but is the sum total of all of them. The ultimate aim of ether’s evolution is Prema-Bhakti – divine love. The deepest mystery.