Glory of Mercury: Math and Astrology?



Someone asked: Are people who love astrology usually good at math too? Why?


My Answer:

Not popular astrology, no. People who are “Like, into astrology and stuff!” are not going to also be good at math. But ASTROLOGERS will usually have a love for math. They may not be “good” at math, but they will usually at least love Math and enjoy it’s theories and interpretations.

Astrology is the special talent of planet Mercury. This is well known from all ancient texts and even most modern paperbacks. Mercury is the planet of intellect. The intellect communicates. That is it’s primary function: It takes in information from the external world and internalizes or “understands” it. And it takes information from the internal world and gives it to the external world so that people there can “understand” us. So intellect and communication are inseparable, and this is why they are both Mercury’s power.

Communication happens by the use of *symbols* – words are symbols, pictographs and glyphs are symbols, sounds are symbols, NUMBERS are also symbols. Mathematics is simply another *language* for expressing and communicating descriptions of reality. Therefore Mercury simultaneously is the god-planet of both language and mathematics – math is simply one of the languages mercury speaks.

Because an astrologer has to be blessed by Mercury to be any good (because the complexity of astrological science requires fantastic intellect), therefore such people are quite likely to also be blessed in, or at least appreciative of, many of Mercury’s other powers: including communication, linguistics, psychology, and MATH.

P.S. Before computers, we used to have to do A WHOLE LOT of math just to *make* a chart. I used to draw charts by pencil and paper. It would take me almost 2 hours with a small shelf full of reference books just to do all the math to draw a birth chart and a handful of harmonic divisions and some basic planetary cycles for it. That’s 2 hours of work *before* you even *start* interpreting! Yay computers, but then again when you spend 2 hours calculating all those positions, you really *love* and intimately know each person, and interpretation is easier and better. These days I usually compensate by copying down the charts from the computer by pencil or something similar. It’s good to get more familiar with a chart you are reading.



  1. carlos says:


    Ketu, many times is refered as maths precision, and indicator of Jyotish. Are you agree?


    1. vicdicara says:

      Ketu is excellent in symbology. In so far as math and jyotish is full of symbols, Ketu therefore can excel in them. These traits particularly come out when Ketu combines with Mercury.


      1. carlos says:

        Ok. And precision? Ketu mean precision?

        P.S. if you can read my emails, please 🙂


  2. vicdicara says:

    normally ketu on her own is not really precision. At least I don’t envision it that way. Every planet has their own type of precision.


    1. carlos says:

      Yes. i understand. In my personal observation, Ketu give “ending” and precision. (it´s not conclusive, is my simple observation)


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