South Node (Ketu) Conjunct Venus



Ketu, the South Node

This specifically has to do with synastry, where one partners Venus conjoins the other partner’s south node. But the principle also applies to an individuals horoscope where there is a venus / ketu conjunction.


South node (“Ketu”) makes inner transformations/revolutions by pulling the external world inward, subordinating it to the internal “realities.” The North node (“Rahu) makes external transformations/revolutions by pushing the internal world outward and making the external world conform more closely with the internal “realities.”

Thus the south node is introversion and the north node is extroversion.



Every couple is unique, so every couple should have their unique compatibility assessment. But as a general guideline, the South Node would pull the senses and sensuality (Venus) *inward* into a more psychogical, spiritual, or fantasy realm. So the sensual experience of the couple would be felt as being mainly psychological / spiritual in nature and can have a lot to do with fantasy and fantasizing.

– Vic DiCara




  1. Priyanka says:

    Interesting. What about Ketu with other planets, in particular Sun? OR Ketu with Saturn? Do two natual maleifcs cancel each others presence?

    If Ketu is in the first house – which is how we are, then the exact opposite would be Rahu in 7th – which is how others see us. How can we be so ketu-like, yet the world views us the exact opposite in a rahu-like way?


    1. vicdicara says:

      Hi Priyanka, thanks for the comment. I dont think it is correct to say that the seventh house is how the world sees us. Please take a look at my site and go to the articles section and have a look specifically at the articles on what the houses fundamentally are about. The world sees us as our 10th house, we practically behave like the 1st house, how we INTERACT with others is the 7th house, and how we feel inside is the 4th house.

      Two malefics do not cancel each other out, not by a long shot!


  2. Hitesh says:

    I was having this question from long time and not to know whom to ask . All planets aspect the house they own and 7th one (few aspects more) … If this is correct when any planets comes in contact with north or south node (rahu and ketu) .. shouldnt it nullified as rahu goes outword and ketu goes inward ?


    1. Although Rahu amplifies outward and Ketu amplifies inward, it does not affect the line of sight of the planets (‘aspect’). Although I must admit it is a creative and interesting concept and question.


  3. Hitesh says:

    Please bare with me if I am taking more time to understand it . Did you mean Rahu/Ketu does not affect planets (aspect) to which they come in contact with ?


    1. I am saying you have a novel and interesting idea that one planet would affect the strength of the aspect cast by another planet. But that this idea is not described in any classical text. Planets have certain “lines of sight” over which they can cast their glance (“aspect”), and this is not altered by the proximity of some other planet. Of course the proximity may certainly effect the nature of what the aspect does, but not the clarity/force with which it is cast.


  4. Hitesh says:

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. About astrology there are many conceptions and misconceptions and though people like me want to believe on it we are not sure where to direct our queries and doubts. Another query which I have is , interpretation changes according to Yugas (Satyug , Kaliyug) for eg. Malefics in fourth house promts journies to foreign lands which might considered bad in satyug (assuming) but definately a plus point today from career and money perspective. Same thing about strong 8th house or lord which gives survival instincts requires in kaliyug. Why these things are not clearly mentioned anywhere ?


    1. More or less this is mentioned by presenting the topic that every astrological symbol must be read RELATIVE (not ABSOLUTE) to the individual. A specific example is that most classical books have a separate chapter on specific variations to be aware of when reading for women. Thus the idea is that the chart is relative to the individual. The same chart does not mean the same thing if it is possessed by a male, vs. a female. Similarly, the same charts and combinations do not mean the same thing when possessed by different races, cultures, historical time periods, etc.


      1. Hitesh says:

        Well it makes sense ..
        I was reading your post on your chart and you have venus + ketu combination in 9th .. You definately generalised the effects above .. but would like to know your personal experience .. do people find you dry or less affectionate comparatively ? In vedic horoscope matching it is big no either in girls or boys chart … what I am trying to ask is inclined towards spirituality is one thing but feeling less towards surrounding (or people, spouse ) is another ..


        1. Venus + Ketu + Virgo + 9th house = bhakti yoga, when Jupiter as 12L is in 10H and 9L is in RajYog in 8H.

          I am withdrawn from sense gratification (Venus + Ketu). But Venus and Ketu are not the ONLY factors in any chart. Moon in Rohini makes me affectionate, 1L in 5H, 5L in RajYoga in 9H etc all make me affectionate and not dry.


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